[LYRICS] Acchi Kocchi OP Single – Acchi de Kocchi de

20 04 2012

Track List
1. あっちでこっちで (Acchi de Kocchi de)
2. あっちこっちまいにち! (Acchi Kocchi Mainichi!)
3. あっちでこっちで Instrumental
4. あっちこっちまいにち! Instrumental

Tsumiki is adorable.
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[LYRICS] Acchi Kocchi ED Single – Te wo Gyu Shite ne

20 04 2012

Track List
1. 手をギュしてね (Te wo Gyu Shite ne)
2. ツンネコのワルツ (Tsunneko no Waltz)
3. 手をギュしてね Instrumental
4. ツンネコのワルツ Instrumental
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[LYRICS] Fate/Zero OP2 Single – to the beginning

20 04 2012

Track List
1. to the beginning
2. 満天 (Manten)
3. to the beginning ~instrumental~ / to the beginning ~TV size~

Yay, Kalafina! I don’t really like this single much compared to their other ones, but I’m sure we’ll still be getting a lot of good stuff from them in the future.
Two versions of the CD come with the instrumental version of to the beginning (limited edition), and one version comes with the TV size (anime art cover).
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14 04 2012

Track List
01. サヨナラは言わない (Sayonara ha Iwanai)
02. irony
03. 恋磁石 (Koi Jishaku)
04. メモリー (Memory)
05. nexus
06. flowery
07. コネクト (Connect)
08. プロミス (Promise)
09. graduation
10. treasure
11. ナイショの話 (Naisho no Hanashi)
12. zutto

ClariS’ first album, as requested.
All of the songs are pretty great – from the new ones, Sayonara ha Iwanai stood out the most to me. Lyrics for irony, Connect, and nexus already have translations on this site so I copied those over.
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[LYRICS] supercell – supercell

6 04 2012

Track List
01. 恋は戦争 (Koi ha Sensou)
02. ハートブレイカー (Heartbreaker)
03. メルト (Melt)
04. ブラック★ロックシューター (Black★Rock Shooter)
05. くるくるまーくのすごいやつ (Kurukuru Mark no Sugoi Yatsu)
06. ライン (Line)
07. ワールドイズマイン (World is Mine)
08. 初めての恋が終わる時 (Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki)
09. 嘘つきのパレード (Usotsuki no Parade)
10. その一秒 スローモーション (Sono Ichibyou Slow Motion)
11. ひねくれ者 (Hinekure Mono)
12. またね (Mata ne)

As requested – supercell’s first album, starring Hatsune Miku.
As you would expect from my love for supercell, this is one of my favourite Vocaloid albums. It also contains quite a few famous tracks.
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[LYRICS] G-Senjou no Maou Character CD – Usami Haru

29 03 2012

Track List
01. 涙の雨 (Namida no Ame)
02. ハピネス (Happiness)
03. DJハルの一人DEトーク (DJ Haru no Hitori DE Talk)
04. 涙の雨 (カラオケ Ver.) (Karaoke Ver.)
05. ハピネス (カラオケ Ver.) (Karaoke Ver.)

As requested.
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[LYRICS] Tamura Yukari – Harumachi Soleil

29 03 2012

Track List
01. アイ マイ ボーダー (Ai Mai Border)
02. ねぇ恋しちゃったかな (Nee Koishichatta kana)
04. 真新しいカレンダー (Maatarashii Calendar)
05. 雨音はモノクローム (Amaoto ha Monochrome)
06. トラウマの耳たぶ (Trauma no Mimitabu)
07. 滑空の果てのイノセント (Kakkuu no Hate no Innocent)
08. Endless Story
09. if
10. プラチナLover’s Day (Platinum Lover’s Day)
11. Sympathy of Love
12. ほんのり桜色 (Honnori Sakurairo)
13. チアガール in my heart (Cheer Girl in my heart)
14. 好き…でもリベンジ (Suki… Demo Revenge)

Tamura Yukari’s 9th album.
春待ち月 (Harumachi Tsuki) means the “twelth lunar month.” Here, 月 (moon) is replaced with ソレイユ (soleil, the French word for “sun”).

Track 7 is the ED theme for the PSP game Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s PORTABLE -THE GEARS OF DESTINY-.
Track 8 is the first OP for C³ (lyrics for the single are on this blog).
Track 11 is the second ED for C³.
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