ISML 2009 – Preliminary Round 2 Groups

22 01 2009

Round 2 is here! … but we all know that by now. The round 2 groupings shows us that ISML is consistently making my choices ridiculously easy. I do like most of the characters here, but there’s only a small handful that I would consider absolute favourites – and they’re all in different groups.

Group A – Index, Shirakawa Kotori, Yin, Miyamura Miyako, Kouzuki Kallen, Sawatari Makoto, Amamiya Yuuko, Remilia Scarlet, Shinku, Sakihata Rimi, Nagi.

Group B – Sheryl Nome, Nagase Minato, Vita, Ryougi Shiki, Minami Chiaki, Tsukamoto Yakumo, Kirisame Marisa, Shindou Chihiro, Anya Alstreim, Osaka, Yagami Hayate.

Group C – Sunohara Mei, Kamio Misuzu, Miyako, Kagura, Nogizaka Haruka, Misaka Shiori, Yuno, Kushieda Minori, Ranka Lee, Isayama Yomi, unimportant Bleach girl.

Group D – Seto San, Patchouli Knowledge, Aoba Tsugumi, Misaka Mikoto, Katagiri Yuuhi, Chii, Shihou Matsuri, Zange, Alice Carroll, Kawashima Ami, Illyasviel von Einzbern.

I think this time I’ll be more in-depth about my votes, predictions, comments, etc.

Group A
My vote: Amamiya Yuuko
Predicted Winner: Remilia Scarlet

Amamiya Yuuko > Nagi >  Sawatari Makoto > Miyamura Miyako > Index > Remilia Scarlet > Kouzuki Kallen > Shinku

I think we’ll be seeing another overall last place for Miya-miya again, since she’s placed in the same group as a fellow ef character yet again ): as much as I love Miya-miya, Yuuko is pretty much an auto-vote for me. It would seem that only a tiny percentage of the voters have even heard of the series D: it’s definitely not looking good for Yuuko, my second-slot nomination.

I’m pretty sure that Remi’s victory is secured. The only ones that have a chance at beating her are Nagi, Index, and Shinku, all of which can’t stand up to the power of Touhou. I’m actually not a big Remi fan, but it’s not like that makes much of a difference now. She may have lost the previous round, but there was a KugiRie tsundere involved. After this round, when the rest of the Touhou characters get in, maybe then there will be a proper chance for other characters.

Group B
My vote: Kirisame Marisa
Predicted Winner: Kirisame Marisa

Kirisame Marisa > Osaka > Minami Chiaki > Shindou Chihiro > Nagase Minato > Tsukamoto Yakumo > Yagami Hayate > Vita > Anya Alstreim

Touhou will win. Marisa only lost last round because of split votes with Patchy; her group this round is ridiculously easy, with Anya being the only threat. Normally, the MSLN faction would be a force to reckon with, but votes will be split between Hayate and Vita. Anya got a ridiculous 176 votes last round, which really bothers me, but she should barely be able to put up a fight against Marisa. I don’t see any other major contenders. Chihiro will suffer from lack of ef fans, Chiaki will suffer from lack of Minami-ke fans as well as the crappy sequels, Shiki and Sheryl may get some Korean support, but again, not enough to stand a chance against Touhou and Geass. And everyone hates Minato.

Osaka wasn’t placed in group D again? But I suppose it’d be just as funny if she didn’t get put there at all throughout the rest of the preliminaries. Maybe not.

Group C
My vote: Miyako
Predicted Winner: Kushieda Minori

Miyako > Kamio Misuzu > Kushieda Minori > Nogizaka Haruka > Yuno > Sunohara Mei > Misaka Shiori

There is no Touhou character in this match. Minorin did very well last round, and I would even go so far as to say that she’s even more popular than Taiga. And really, there isn’t much in her way. Hidamari Sketch isn’t well-known enough, and even if it was, votes will be split between Yuno and Miyako. There’s also a triple Key-kyoani, one character from each of their series. Misuzu, the star of Air; Mei, the loli imouto of Clannad; Shiori, the… sick girl, from Kanon. Out of those three I’m only a fan of Misuzu, and I said I wouldn’t be voting for non-Tomoyo/Kotomi Clannad characters anyway. I can see Koreans voting for Kagura and the unimportant Bleach girl, but judging from Taiga’s overwhelming win last round, it won’t do them much good. Ranka and Yomi don’t have enough of a fanbase.

Group D
My vote: Alice Carroll
Predicted Winner: Patchouli Knowledge

Alice Carroll > Seto San > Misaka Mikoto > Patchouli Knowledge > Aoba Tsugumi > Kawashima Ami > Zange > Chii > Shihou Matsuri > Katagiri Yuuhi

There is Touhou present. Therefore, Touhou will win. I do like Patchy, but Alice is auto-vote, second only to Shana. When I was looking at this group, I kept going ‘oh wow, I actually know every character in this one!’ – until I saw Illya. I really should watch F/SN sometime soon. But I know I won’t be able to get around to it. Damn you, airing series. Speaking of which, there’s lots of Fall 2008 here: Mikoto, Tsugumi, Ami, Zange, Yuuhi, and in a way, San (although if you count that way, Patchy is included too).

I don’t really feel like typing anymore, and there isn’t much to say. Patchy will win. I probably won’t care.

I won’t be here from the 24th to the 31st (or something like that), so I’ll be missing the third and fourth preliminary rounds. You guys better not screw anything up. ):

Instead, I will leave you with this message: VOTE ALICE AND YUUKO! D:

Edit: Formatting fixed. WordPress isn’t very smart.




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