ISML 2009 – Aquamarine 1 Results

19 03 2009

And so ends the first round of aquamarine, and we can finally get a glimpse of each character’s potential strength.

… well, there was going to be ISML’s chart here, but I can’t post it cause it’s too big for the margins, lol.

From now on:

Bold -> Winner
Underline -> Predicted winner
Italic -> My vote

> and < denote winners, if it wasn’t obvious enough.

Match 1 (I’m not going to use the match #s on the chart, because well.. they’re confusing, lol.)
Furude Hanyū  < Shana
Nothing unexpected here. Moving along…

Match 2
Misaka Mikoto > Misaka Shiori
Misaka vs Misaka, lol. Anyway, I know very few Shiori fans, so this was unsurprising as well.

Match 3
Katsura Hinagiku > Kurata Sayuri
Mmh. I feel so mainstream; I keep voting for the winners. Where’s the despair?

Match 4
Kawasumi Mai < Nagato Yuki
Oh, here it is. But well.. who didn’t see this coming?

Match 5
Maria < Sakagami Tomoyo
Clannad domination as usual. But Tomoyo is one of the Kyoani characters that I do indeed support, so I’m fine with it. I remember the KBM Maria vs Tomoyo match ended up the same way… (Maria ;__;)

Match 6
Asahina Mikuru < Furude Rika

Match 7
Kamio Misuzu > Kirisame Marisa
Wait, what? There seems to be less Touhou power than I’d thought…

Match 8
Hinamori Amu < Sanzen’in Nagi

Match 9
Index Prohibitorum > Katagiri Yūhi

Match 10
Tsukimiya Ayu < Suigintou

Match 11
Saber Horo
Oh, what the heck? Maybe it’s because I’m not much of a Saber fan, but Horo is 983459237 times more moe than Saber. D:

Match 12
C.C. > Minase Nayuki

Match 13
Ryūgū Rena > Evangeline McDowell

Match 14
Sunohara Mei < Suzumiya Haruhi

Match 15
Ryōgi Shiki > Kasuga “Ōsaka” Ayumu

Match 16
Alice Carroll < Shinku

Match 17
Shameimaru Aya < Hiiragi Tsukasa
I voted for Aya more out of Tsukasa hate than Aya love, but I guess it doesn’t make much of a difference since Touhou isn’t doing so well after all. ):

Match 18
Kinomoto Sakura > Mizunashi Akari
 And our Aquamarine for Aquamarine dreams end very suddenly. q______q
(anyone up for Orange Princess for Topaz..?)

Match 19
Hiiragi Kagami > Louise Vallière

Match 20
Yagami Hayate > Vita
Our first same-series match of the tournament goes just as planned. How uneventful.

Match 21
Furukawa Nagisa > Sawatari Makoto
WTF? I mean, I knew Nagisa would win, but these margins are insane! Makoto’s in second last place overall now! fffffffffffff

Match 22
Chiba Kirino < Fate Testarossa
I like Fate. I would consider her one of my favourite characters. This is just me voting out of pity. ): (I’d predicted that Kirino would be last place overall, and so far that seems to be true)

Match 23
Anya Alstreim > Kawazoe Tamaki
This is also a pity vote, although it didn’t tak e much because I dislike Anya.

Match 24
Chii < Hakurei Reimu
Finally, a Touhou character wins a match! (although not by much)

Match 25
Konjiki no Yami < Izumi Konata

Match 26
Remilia Scarlet < Takamachi Nanoha

Match 27
Suiseiseki > Kushieda Minori

Match 28
Nagi < Kawashima Ami
Apparently, even the least popular of the Toradora! girls can beat Nagi…

Match 29
Kōzuki Kallen < Illyasviel von Einzbern

Match 30
Tōsaka Rin < Aisaka Taiga
;____; I’m sorry Rin.

Match 31
Fujibayashi Kyō > Ibuki Fūko
I don’t like Kyou.

Match 32
Ichinose Kotomi > Patchouli Knowledge

My Totals

Votes 15-17
Predictions 27-5

Matches to take note of:

Matches 7, 17, 26, 32 (Touhou isn’t doing as well as in the prelims)
Match 18 (farewell, Aquamarine for Aquamarine. On the bright side, I can now vote for Hina in round 7 without worry)
Match 21 (what on earth happened here?)
Match 27 (orz)
Match 11 (well, this one’s just unfair)

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  • Touhou’s strength is much, much lower than it was in the preliminaries. Perhaps I should redo my predictions. >_>;
  • More people need to watch ARIA and Okami to Koushinryou. Heck, Kanon too.
  • Nagisa should just go die. Oh wait…
  • Why does WordPress always screw up my formatting?



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