Japan Saimoe 2009 is almost here

11 06 2009

At last. D:

Main page (not in english):

Pretty much everything you need to know can be found here. Schedule, match data, etc.

Hit the ‘read more’ thing for… well, more.

So as we can see, the schedule is:

6/20 – “ア” column
6/21 – “カ” column
6/22 – “サ” column
6/23 – Break
6/24 – “タ” and “ナ” column
6/25 – “ハ” column
6/26 – “マ”, “ヤ”, “ラ” and “ワ” column
6/27~6/28 – Break
6/29~7/01 – Additional Nomination Period
7/02~7/04 – Break

You probably shouldn’t bother nominating characters, since Japan’ll have every last character covered, whether they were a main character or had less than a second of screentime. A character only needs one nomination to qualify, anyway – too many will just subject them to anti-voting, although it’s pretty obvious which characters will dominate anyway. -cough- K-ON! Haruhi Clannad -cough-
If you want to anyway, I can’t stop you (not like I want to) or anything. You can nominate 5 characters each day, from series in each column. “Additional Nomination Period” is to nominate any other girls you didn’t in the previous days.

7/05~7/13 – 1st Preliminary Round
7/14 – Break
7/15~7/23 – 1st Preliminary Round con’t
7/24~7/25 – Break
7/26~8/01 – 2nd Preliminary Round con’t
8/02~8/03 – Break

In the preliminaries, all nominated characters are divided equally into groups. You can vote for 9, I believe, in each group, and the top 9 move on directly into the main tournament. Ranks 10-18 (i.e. the next 9) move on into the second preliminary round. Anyone after that is out. In the end, there should be 288 in the main tournament, possibly more if there is a tie. In JSM, when there is a tie, both characters move on.

Main Tournament:
08/04~08/12 – 1st Round, Part 1
08/13~08/16 – Break
08/17-08/25 – 1st Round, Part 2
08/26 – Break
08/27~09/01 – 1st Round, Part 3
09/02 – Break
09/03-09/10 – 2nd Round, Part 1
09/11 – Break
09/12~09/19 – 2nd Round, Part 2
09/20 – Break
09/21~09/28 – 3rd Round
09/29 – Break
09/30~10/07 – Block Finals
10/08 – Break
10/09~10/12 – Quarter Final Round
10/13 – Break
10/14~10/15 – Semi-Final Round
10/16 – Break
10/17 – Final Round

I think the tournament itself is self-explanatory, but..
Characters that made it in are divided into 8 blocks – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. JSM is a single elimination tournament, so once you lose a match, you’re out for good. It’s hard to explain the block system with just words, but looking at a chart (perhaps previous ones) should make it easy to understand.

Hopefully this year won’t be as terrible as last year. I mean, I’ve been looking forward to this for months now; if I get another LS.. no, if I get a K-ON! final, a Haruhi final, a Clannad final, or any sort of Kyoani final… let’s just say it wouldn’t be smart to stay around me.



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