Japan Saimoe ’09 – Top 8

8 10 2009

You really shouldn't say no to the Koromo. Image source.

We’re finally down to the top eight.


Block A Final: Minami Chiaki < Kataoka Yuuki
The last Minami sister tried her best, but as expected could not win over one of Saki‘s main girls. They’re about equal for me, so I voted for Chiaki, since she didn’t stand much of a chance. In the end, tacos prevail.

Block B Final: Ikeda Kana < Saginomiya Isumi
The first Saki vs Hayate match of the block finals, with two supporting characters. My vote went to Isumi because she is <3, and surprisingly she managed to win, even against Kana's big fanbase.

Block C Final: Louise de la Vallière > Touyoko Momoko
Louise, despite being an older character, has now managed to take out two major Saki girls – Hisa and Momo. I like both, but Momo got my vote for being more moe. Louise is to Saki as Kagami was to Clannad last year?

Block D Final: Hinamori Amu < Amae Koromo
Amu’s okay, but Koromo’s my favourite Saki girl and is the most adorable thing ever, so she got my vote. And won by a landslide.

Block E Final: Hirasawa Yui > Kushieda Minori
I dislike Yui, so my vote went to Minorin. As expected, Yui won, but I didn’t mind much, since it meant that Taiga had a higher chance of winning her match.

Block F Final: Aisaka Taiga > Nakano Azusa
Azu-nyan is my second favourite K-ON! girl, but Taiga is one of my top favourites in this tournament, and I’ll vote for her over almost everyone. A shame that the two K-ON! vs Toradora! matches weren’t mixed around – thanks to this, I had to vote double Toradora! once again. Sometimes variety just isn’t possible.

Block G Final: Eruruu < Fukuji Mihoko
I haven’t seen Utawarerumono, but I don’t think that would’ve stopped me from voting Mihoko in this match. Kyaputen is just <3

Block H Final: Sanzen’in Nagi < Haramura Nodoka
And the block finals end with an explosive match between the main characters of Saki and Hayate. Nodoka isn’t one of my favourites in Saki, whilst Nagi is pretty high tier to me. This was the match to decide what would gain dominance (well, half dominance) in saimoe – Saki or KugiRie. And surprisingly, Nodoka won, though it was really close. I thought you knew better, Japan.

So my personal ranking for the top eight is: Aisaka Taiga > Amae Koromo > Fukuji Mihoko > Saginomiya Isumi > Louise de la Vallière > Kataoka Yuuki > Haramura Nodoka > Hirasawa Yui

It’s a good set of characters, even though a lot of my top tiers didn’t make it. The only one here that I dislike is Yui, but her performance was expected so it’s not so bad.



Quarterfinal 1: Aisaka Taiga vs Saginomiya Isumi
My vote: Aisaka Taiga
Prediction: Aisaka Taiga
Taiga is just too strong to lose to Isumi, a supporting character. However, this is Hayate‘s last chance, so I’m hoping it’s a good match since I like both.

Quarterfinal 2: Haramura Nodoka vs Louise de la Vallière
My vote: Louise de la Vallière
Prediction: Haramura Nodoka
Nodoka may very well be the strongest Saki character, if only for the blobs of fat where her chest is supposed to be. But, I seem to be one of the few people that actually likes Louise, so she gets my vote. We’ll see if she takes down a third Saki girl, but I doubt it.

Quarterfinal 3: Kataoka Yuuki vs Fukuji Mihoko
My vote: Fukuji Mihoko
Prediction: Kataoka Yuuki
An inter-Saki match; bound to happen considering their numbers. Tacos is the stronger character, but personally I like Mihoko a lot more.

Quarterfinal 4: Hirasawa Yui vs Amae Koromo
My vote: Amae Koromo
Prediction: Hirasawa Yui
This is a really hard one to predict – I almost put ‘tie’ as the result. Koromo’s my #2 here, whilst Yui is last, because I really really don’t like her. She reminds me too much of Tsukasa, who cannot be forgiven after last year’s pathetic excuse for a final match. I think Yui will win out in the end though; she’s the last remaining K-ON! girl, whilst Saki still has Nodoka and Yuuki/Mihoko.

So if things somehow turn out exactly the way I’ve got it planned out, the semifinals would be Taiga vs Nodoka and Yuuki vs Yui. From there, the final match depends on the result of the first semifinal. If Taiga wins, Yuuki has a higher chance of winning her match, but Yui still has a chance. If Nodoka wins, Yui will too, because I’m sure people don’t want another same-series final. So it would be either Taiga vs Yuuki/Yui or Nodoka vs Yui. I’m hoping for the first, with Taiga as the eventual champion. Palmtop Tiger for both JSM and KBM, please.




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9 10 2009

Your votes are the ones I’d pick as well. <3

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