H-I-N-A HINAGIKU! (Kämpfer 01)

9 10 2009


So I started Kämpfer today (late to the party, yeah). I know what you’re thinking – “this has nothing to do with Hinagiku!” Lies, because everything is related to Hina. Notice Kämpfer’s A++ cast. Now notice the lack of Itou Shizuka on that list. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Anyway, Kämpfer’s a fun show. It’s the first fall series I’ve started, because it has lovely Nakajima Megumi. <3 The characters are pretty likable (the only one I don’t like is Horie Yui’s character in her normal form). I wouldn’t really call this a first impressions post, since it’s just screenshots. Hover over them for my thoughts.

Mahou shounen go!
I mean mahou shoujo. Wait no, that's not right either...
The laws of anime tell me that hidden face = future enemy
Natsuru doesn't count as a trap, right?
Tamura Yukari for saimoe '09!
When will there exist a harem comedy without this scene? Likely never.
Why do they bother hiding her face just to show it to us 10 minutes later?
I love how I don't have to look up the seiyuu for each person - the characters tell me themselves!
What is this cliffhanger ending I don't even...
I wonder how saimoe will handle this.
Black Seppuku Bunny coming out of her mouth..?




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