Japan Saimoe ’09 – Semifinals

14 10 2009

Kyaputen banzai~image source

My top 4 rankings: Taiga > Mihoko > Nodoka > Yui
Taiga’s been one of my favourites this entire tournament, and I love Mihoko too. Couldn’t care less about Nodoka and Yui, but whatever. I was going to put Taiga as the image here, but I think she’s got what it takes to move on to the final match, so I’m letting Mihoko have this one.


Quarterfinal 1: Aisaka Taiga vs Saginomiya Isumi
My vote: Aisaka Taiga
Prediction: Aisaka Taiga
Actual winner: Aisaka Taiga
As expected. Moving on…

Quarterfinal 2: Haramura Nodoka vs Louise de la Vallière
My vote: Louise de la Vallière
Prediction: Haramura Nodoka
Actual winner: Haramura Nodoka
Again as expected. Louise’s reign ends here. Would’ve loved a Taiga vs Louise match, but I guess it isn’t meant to be.

Quarterfinal 3: Kataoka Yuuki vs Fukuji Mihoko
My vote: Fukuji Mihoko
Prediction: Kataoka Yuuki
Actual winner: Fukuji Mihoko
This one was a small surprise, but not so much since Mihoko is one of the more popular Saki girls. I have no complaints here.

Quarterfinal 4: Hirasawa Yui vs Amae Koromo
My vote: Amae Koromo
Prediction: Hirasawa Yui
Actual winner: Hirasawa Yui
Koromooooooooo ;__;
That said, even though I don’t like Yui, I don’t want there to be three Saki girls in the semifinals, so for variety’s sake I can accept this.

In the end, I only got one prediction wrong (the inter-Saki one).


And now for the semifinals…

Semifinal 1: Aisaka Taiga vs Haramura Nodoka
My vote: Aisaka Taiga
Prediction: Aisaka Taiga
Call me crazy, but I really think Taiga can do this. Saki‘s come a long way, but Taiga has proven herself as a really strong competitor, even though her series aired a while back and isn’t as fresh in our minds as Saki.

Semifinal 2: Fukuji Mihoko vs Hirasawa Yui
My vote: Fukuji Mihoko
Prediction: Hirasawa Yui
K-ON! was expected to be the powerhouse of this year’s tournament, but after the disaster of Mio’s first round exit, only Yui remains, the second strongest of the lot. Yui is still one of the most powerful characters here though, so I’m sure she’ll win. If Nodoka loses like I predicted, Mihoko will get a huge boost, but I doubt it’ll be enough.




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