Japan Saimoe ’09 – Final Match

16 10 2009

I knew you could do it, Taiga <3

It’s finally all coming to an end.

Final Match

Aisaka Taiga vs Hirasawa Yui

Taiga was one of my top favourites from the start of the tournament, so I’m glad she made it this far. I don’t like Yui at all, but this is acceptable. Needless to say, I’ll be voting for Taiga.

My predictions for the semifinals were both right. Taiga got revenge for her fallen KugiRie tsunderekko comrades, and Yui defeated Mihoko despite her boost from Nodoka’s loss. Vote counts have finally gone over the 1000 mark, and the fact that it took so long indicates either a lack of interest in the tournament or harsher region banning (probably the latter).

I’m predicting a Taiga win here, which is interesting because she’s also won this year’s Korea Best Moe. Also, this is the last and only year that Taiga will be able to participate in saimoe, so it’s great that she can be so successful in her short time here. There’s a K-ON! OVA coming out, which should make the girls eligible for next year’s saimoe, giving Mio one more chance (though their popularity will have faded by then, replaced by whatever new moe show is out).



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17 06 2011

yui is cuter than taiga

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