Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (spoilers)

17 10 2009

Onee-chan, ano ne...TM8 originally wasn’t on my summer watch list, until my friend Veng recommended to me (thanks for that, btw :D). It ended up being a really good show, with some nice, slow-paced realistic drama. When I saw the image for it over at MAL, I thought it would be some sort of fast-paced action show, but it was the opposite.

TM8’s premise is the possibility of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake happening in Tokyo. In TM8, Mirai and her brother Yuuki end up going to Odaiba for a convention. Yuuki has to go to the bathroom, so Mirai waits outside for him. In that while, the ground suddenly begins to shake and buildings start to crumble. With the help of Mari, Mirai eventually manages to reunite with Yuuki, and their new focus is to get home. Along the way, they go through many dangerous situations as the tremors continue.

Mirai is cute, and while her character development was very predictable, it was still really heartwarming. Mari is great, and I can’t imagine the story without her. Despite worrying about her daughter back home, she is dedicated to helping Mirai and Yuuki return home. And lastly, Yuuki… you could tell that his death was coming for a long while. It wasn’t a surprise or anything, nor did it hurt… until the final episode, when Mirai found her parents and they were all crying together. It was great how he was always so optimistic, and helped both Mirai and Mari have the will to keep going. I thought the whole Yuuki appearing to Mirai was kind of unrealistic, even if it was Mirai’s imagination, but I can see that it was necessary, otherwise Mirai wouldn’t want to meet her parents again.

I’m a big fan of noitaminA stuff, and this series really appealed to me as well. The plot moves almost like slice-of-life, and yet there’s always enough suspense to keep you going. The character art is simplistic, and doesn’t distract you from the story. The backgrounds are very detailed regardless, to add to the realism.

TM8 had great music. abingdon boys school sings the opening theme 「キミノウタ」 which suits the mood nicely. It’s a good song, too. The OP animation is simply monotone photos of what Tokyo could potentially look like in the event of such a disaster. The ending theme, 「M\elody」 by Tsuji Shion is also really nice. It contrasts the drama by being cheerful, and yet it makes you worry about what will happen to the trio. The animation also involves photos, but they’re of the main characters just going about their lives. It was especially powerful after the final episode, after knowing everything they’ve gone through and Yuuki’s death.

Overall, I gave TM8 an 8/10.




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17 10 2009

You are most welcome ^_^

Nice review, I loved every word of it!

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