Why Shana is the greatest anime character of all time

19 10 2009

1. She’s moe to the max.
2. She’s the classic definition of tsundere.
3. She’s just so cute ;_;
4. She’s powerful.
5. She loves melonpan.
6. She goes ‘urusai! urusai! urusai!’
7. She’s a loli.
8. She has Kugimiya Rie voice.
9. In fact, she was the first of the KugiRie loli tsundere pettanko army.
10. She has parallels in other series too (Louise, Nagi, Taiga).
11. She fights with a sword.
12. Her character design is by Noizi Ito.
13. She’s so good that they made two seasons, a movie, an OVA, and specials of her. And now there’s a new OVA series and a season III coming.
14. Yuji doesn’t deserve her.
15. Yoshida stands no chance.
16. The series is named after her.
17. She has lovely long black hair <3
18. …which turns fiery red when she's in action.
19. When you think about it, she's actually only three years old…
20. She's a flame haze.
21. lol jc staff
22. When you replace the As in her name with Is, it becomes Shini.
23. She's moe moe moe
24. October 23rd is the day of revival.
25. She made it to the finals in KBM '07 and lost to Hinagiku by just two votes.
26. She won KSBM '07. But no one cares about that..
27. She tied for first place in Chinese saimoe… with C.C.
28. She placed 6th in ISML '08…
29. …and is currently 1st seed in ISML '09!
30. Noizi Ito does a great job on her illustrations. Even makes Mikuru look good.
31. She is not annoying as everyone seems to believe.
32. She is not overly violent (actual fights do not count).
33. Her deredere mode is <333
34. Her tsuntsun mode is also <333
35. She doesn't try to be cute, it comes to her naturally.
36. She is so cute in the red dress she wore for the culture festival <3
37. She's smart, except when it comes to love.
38. She speaks engrish.
39. She was clever and used Hirai Yukari's remaining existence to use her identity and go to Yuji's school in her place.
40. Speaking of which, Yukari is pretty damn moe too.
41. Shana for saimoe 2010.
42. Is it Oct 23 yet?
43. Ayano from Kaze no Stigma reminds me of her. Fiery tsundere, etc. Except Kazuma isn't as useless as Yuji is.
44. The serafuku in SnS are really nice.
45. "You're already dead." Except different.
46. She has wings. Made of fire.
47. She can make things explode.
48. Did I mention that she's moe yet?
49. I can't keep up with the fanart.
50. She's cute no matter what the situation.
51. She's assertive.
52. Kawada Mami and KOTOKO songs are perfect for her.
53. Otani Ko soundtracks!
54. She's short.
55. When someone says to me, 'Shana', the first thing I think is 'moe'.
56. She is lovely <3

I'll finish this some other time.




2 responses

23 10 2009

Get ready to add to that list now that Reshuffle is out =D

23 10 2009

But of course~

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