Anime characters that need more screentime

16 11 2009

(alphabetical order)

Aozaki Touko (KnK) – I would love to see Touko’s backstory.

Asagami Fujino (KnK) – Believe it or not, my favourite KnK character is not Shiki, but Fujino. :|

Asakura Ryouko (SHnY) – Easily the best character in the series and she gets what, one episode in the spotlight? That Disappearance movie’d better live up to the novel.

Echo (Pandora Hearts) – She’s moe. And has Hirohashi Ryou voice. :<

Himegami Aisa (Index) – Even the Index-tan specials pointed this out. Noto Mamiko miko with barely any significance? fffffffffff

Hosaka (Minami-ke) – There is never enough Hosaka. Words do not describe the sheer GAR. If Hosaka was the main character, even asread wouldn’t be able to screw it up.

Houjou Satoshi (Higurashi) – For Shion’s sake.

Index (Index) – lol

Kisaragi Mifuyu (Tayutama) – Itou Shizuka ojousama? Do want.

Konjiki no Yami (TLR) – One of the only characters I found likable in TLR (the other one is Mikan), and a really high-tier favourite of mine. And she looks like Fate I don’t see why her appearances have to be so short whilst the more generic girls (Lala, Haruna) are always the centre of attention.

Liechtenstein (Hetalia) – Moe brother complex is moe.

Pheles (SnS) – I’d just like to see more of her. She was an interesting character, and a hundred times more likable than Yoshida or Konoe Fumina.

Reinforce (original) (MSLN) – Sure, she gets a moe reincarnation in StrikerS, but the original Reinforce was pretty awesome. Then again, I didn’t watch StrikerS (non-loli Fate? <_<;)

Rider (F/SN) – Another pretty awesome character.

Sanya V. Litvyak (Strike Witches) – I started watching SW with the assumption that Sanya was the most popular character, so I was surprised that she only got a little bit of the spotlight. She’s pretty damn moe though.

Taki Tooru (Natsume Yuujinchou) – She is so moe. You just can’t tell from looking at her. T_T

And because it’s related, here’s the outlines for my next vector (resized to 25% – actual size is 3862×4599px). I love this image because it’s got great dynamics and flowing hair and it’s Yami. <3




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16 12 2012
Sarah BB so this is your outline would i be allowed to use this outline for a piece of art? I think it’s really cool and I would like to use it. And I don’t want to get in trouble if I do use it.

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