Seiken no Stigm- I mean, Blacksmith.

30 11 2009

(contains spoilers for Kaze no Stigma)

Luke = Kazuma
Cecily = Ayano
Lisa = Ren
Liza = Cui Ling
Aria = Yukari/Nanase

Exact same characters, exact same plot twist. You just don’t realize it until episode 9.

Next episode, Liza will return, except it’s not really Liza, it just happens to look exactly like her. Then, Luke will get over her and we’ll get a Luke x Cecily ending, finishing off with Luke making fun of Cecily and thus getting punched in the face again. She will then proceed to chase him around, shooting at him with Aria, and the screen will pan up to the sky.

But hey, it has Lisa, so it’s instantly redeemed. <3




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