Belated 1st year anniversary

21 01 2010

I completely forgot about this, lol. Apparently this blog was created Jan 16/09, so it’s already past it’s first year.

Misc stats:
Total views: 17,448
Busiest day: Dec 20/09 (227)
Total posts: 99 (oh man, the next one is going to be #100)


Top Posts
1. Upcoming OP/ED singles (because people googled for unreleased songs)
2. [LYRICS] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP Single – only my railgun (cause it’s awesome)
3. [LYRICS] Sora no Otoshimono OP/ED1 Single – Ring My Bell (dunno why)
4. [LYRICS] K-ON! Character Image Song – Akiyama Mio (because it’s Mio)
5. [LYRICS] 11eyes OP Single – Arrival of Tears (11eyes was fail but Misuzu is <3)
6. [LYRICS] Nyan Koi! ED Single – Strawberry ~Amaku Setsunai Namida~
7. [LYRICS] Hayate no Gotoku!! ED Single – Honjitsu, Manka Watashi iro!
8. [LYRICS] Macross Frontier Movie Insert Song Single – pink monsoon
9. Vector – Katsura Hinagiku
10. [LYRICS] Macross Frontier Movie INS Album – Universal Bunny

I think I should stop making meaningful posts, since only the lyrics posts get views anyway. <_<;


Search Engine Terms
1. nyan koi
2. sora no otoshimono
3. only my railgun
4. kimi ni todoke
5. seiken no blacksmith
6. pink monsoon
7. nyan koi!
8. kampfer
9. arrival of tears
10. pandora hearts



1. (as expected)
I am going to stop there because all of them are boring.


Again I am going to stop because they are all boring.



99% of people who visit this blog are boring. I could be stupid and tag this post with every series mentioned in the links above so that I can get more page views, but I won’t.



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