Winter ’10 stuff part 1

24 01 2010

So I wanted to post more lyrics but then I didn’t want to waste post #100, so… yeah. I gave up on episode blogging after one episode of one series. Decided it was easier to just cram everything together~

So, in no particular alphabetical order, the stuff I’ve started so far:

BakaTest is a decent show so far. The animation is nice; the plot is random but entertaining enough. Episode 3 kinda lost focus and didn’t accomplish anything, but it’s alright. There was some nice comedy, which is really all I expect from this show. At the beginning my favourite character was Minami, but now I’m switching to Shouko. <3
It's pretty obvious that the show's main selling point is Hideyoshi, lol. He's okay, but IMO there are better traps out there. The RPG battles were pretty funny at first, but now that there’s been a few more, it seems like they’re more or less always the same. The only deciding factor in the outcome is their grades, which is kinda boring. I can’t really tell which direction this show is going to go in, but something tells me that they’re going to stay in F class forever.

Chu-Bra!! is also a pretty good show, especially since I had no expectations for it at all. While there is some ecchi, it definitely isn’t as exaggerated as I thought it would be. The idea is certainly “unique”, and it’s got some good humour in it too. OP and ED are cute, and it has a solid seiyuu cast. Nayu is moe. TBH the other characters kinda fell out of my radar, lol. Yako really reminds me of Ikeda Kana from Saki though. It’s probably because of the hair and overall hyperactive personality. Does Yako have fangs? I don’t remember. We’ve yet to see much of the final club member, Kiyono, who seems like your usual ojousama role… except voiced by Hikasa Yoko. I am very interested in seeing how that will turn out…

Another show that I had no expectations for, and it also ended up being pretty good. The animation quality is great, but Gainax is kinda overkill for a show like this, no? Anyway, the characters are all cute, cast is great (finally another role for Hazuki Erino!), nice slice of life pace, etc. It seems like we’ll be getting a different ED every week as well. The one for episode 2 was hilarious. My favourite character so far is Hiiragi.

I love the Hidamari Sketch series, so this new season is very welcome. <3
Two new moelicious characters are introduced, Nazuna and Nori, so Hidamari-sou has full occupancy now! What I wouldn't give to be able to live there… D:
This season continues with the slice of life, and is just as great as all of the others so far. The OP is the usual: happy, upbeat song sung by the seiyuu (I liked Hatena no Wasshoi better, though), and the ED is the expected soothing song sung by marble. Art is SHAFT quality (in a good way), and the characters haven't changed much. Miyako is still hilarious <3 Hopefully Chika-chan will make lots of visits this season~

Oh but SHAFT, please don't forget about Bakemonogatari. ;;

A generic harem series w/ fanservice, but not as bad as Redi x Bato. It would seem that new character designs are hard to come across; here we have a Suigintou lookalike, a Ranka lookalike, and that blonde twintail girl looks soooo familiar…
Anyway, this show is really just generic. Guy is allergic to cats – Nyan Koi! already did that, and better, too. Ranka lookalike is nowhere near as moe as the real thing. Overall the story is kinda blah, traditional sword girl battling against ayakashi, annoying osana najimi, etc etc etc. OP and ED are again typical anison.

This show is pretty bad, but I keep watching it anyway because I want to finish everything I start. The art reminds me a lot of Kanokon, even though I haven’t watched it. This is pretty much your typical harem ecchi anime, though I admit it has a good cast. KugiRie as Kaoru was completely unexpected. It covers all of the basic character types – tsundere ojousama, creepy osana najimi, moe loli, and dojikko maid. I guess Pina will be the twintail genki girl? She does have a fang, after all. The OP and ED are your usual cheerful anison sung by the seiyuu. Again.

Oh and Sernia’s hair is just unbelievable.

Guess what I expected this series to be. K-ON! + Strike Witches, you say? That’s exactly it. Here’s some industry education for you – So Ra No Wo To is Anime no Chikara’s first project, and is being worked on by TV Tokyo’s anime department and Aniplex. The idea is to create new and original series, to show the variety of things anime is capable of. Now… how does So Ra No Wo To portray this? I have no idea. The plot is mildly original, sure, and Kanata’s seiyuu (Aikawa Juri) is a new face, but tbh this is pretty standard anime fare.
Now about the actual anime, it’s pretty good, I guess. It’s impossible to not compare it with K-ON!, what with the identical animation style and the musical theme. The characters have their similarities too. It does seem to have potential though, so I’ll stick with it and we’ll see what happens.

Coming up next: Dance in the Vampire Bund, Durarara!, Katanagatari, Nodame Cantabile Finale, Ookami Kakushi, and Seikon no Qwaser.




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24 01 2010

Oooo you one upped me with nice pretty art D=

24 01 2010

More like 10 mins of photoshop. XD

24 01 2010

*steals for blog* >:)

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