Recettear – An Item Shop’s Tale

15 09 2010

So apparently I occasionally write non-lyrics posts now.
Playing this game like everyone else on the internet; finished my first playthrough a few days ago… I was stupid enough to forget to take screenshots while playing, and there are a total of 8 fanarts for Recettear, of which only like three are usable here. So get ready for some WALLS OF TEXT

Recettear is basically about this loli young girl named Recette whose father went away to “become a hero” and disappeared, most likely by means of death. A fairy named Tear comes to Recette’s home to collect the ridiculous debt her father left behind, even though there is no way Recette can possibly pay it back seeing as how she’s been living on her own for the past _ years. So, the fairy suggests that she opens an item shop and make money that way. “Recettear” is the name that Recette comes up with for the store; a combination of their names. The rest of the story is about Recette learning how to manage an item shop and meeting people etc etc etc. It’s not original, but it’s still pretty fun so whatever. For some reason I can’t help but find it similar to Atelier Annie, especially since both official translations kept the original Japanese voices. Recette isn’t nearly as moe as Annie, but that is irrelevant right now. :V

The gameplay is split into two parts:
1) Running the item shop – obviously what the game is centered on. You set up the items in your store, and when customers come to buy items, you haggle for the price. Different types of customers can accept different % differences from the base price. e.g. the rich girl will pay up to 150%, whereas her stingy fairy will probably only take 100% orz. There’s some other features such as decorating your shop, certain item types changing in popularity, taking orders, etc.

2) Dungeons. As you progress through the game, you meet adventurers that you can take with you to dungeons – they do the fighting, you get the items you pick up along the way. Monsters are generic slime blobs/snow bunnies/creepy plant things/etc, and the fighting system is simplistic. Z = attack, X = special attack; just walk up to things and smack them with your sword. You’d think that the battling is just a side-feature… until you realize that there are 758792 dungeons with 935879252379 floors.

The first playthrough is rather short; I finished in two days. When you beat the game, it unlocks unlimited mode (keep playing as long as you want without payment deadlines), new game+ mode, and survival mode (nonstop payments, see how long you can last).

At this point I’ve kinda gotten tired of writing and most of this is just summary, so I’ll just leave off with some miscellaneous thoughts:
– Recette is moe.
Rich girl – what was her name.. Alouette needs to stop trying to sell me pieces of bread and start buying some of my overpriced crap.
– Twintail girl is so cute… yet so poor…
– That girl with the purple hair should go die

tl;dr go play Recettear; it’s fun.




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