Saimoe 2011: Block A Results (Round 1)

20 08 2011













Some people ask why my post titles have such a strange format (why not “Round 1 Block A”, etc). It’s because my blog layout has a rather thin column for content so the title gets broken into two lines on prediction posts and the way it formats it looks really awkward.

Block A Results (with votes in italic):

A-01: Haibara Ai vs Nagase Jun vs Hagimura Suzu vs Mikogami Nagisa
Prediction: Nagase Jun > Hagimura Suzu > Haibara Ai > Mikogami Nagisa
Results: Hagimura Suzu > Haibara Ai > Nagase Jun > Mikogami Nagisa

Wow, I was totally wrong here lol. The one match where I didn’t check the preliminary standings…
Also, I’m surprised that Ai did better than Jun. I mean, a likable character from a series with a strong backing is supposed to do better than this, right? Her arc was the most recent one, too. Oh well, Suzu is fine too.

A-02: Astraea vs Nakata Sae vs Cordelia Glauca
Prediction: Astraea > Cordelia Glauca > Nakata Sae
Results: Astraea > Cordelia Glauca > Nakata Sae

It wasn’t as close as I thought it’d be, but luckily it was Astraea that won. SoraOto is looking good for this year, especially with their movie premiere in the summer. As expected, Sae didn’t get much support. I guess people just can’t get over her voice.

A-03: Victorique de Blois vs Nagi vs Kosaka Chihiro
Prediction: Victorique de Blois > Nagi > Kosaka Chihiro
Results: Victorique de Blois > Nagi > Kosaka Chihiro

Just as expected. Yay Victorique~
A-Channel had Tooru up on this day as well, but Nagi isn’t the type that does well in saimoe. Kaminomi is a lot weaker than I’d initially expected, and Chihiro being a boring character doesn’t help.

A-04: Karina Lyle vs Toudou Kasane vs Chaos
Prediction: Chaos > Toudou Kasane > Karina Lyle
Results: Chaos > Karina Lyle > Toudou Kasane

Looks like I totally underestimated Tiger&Bunny; Chaos had a tough time there.

A-05: Akemi Homura vs Sara vs Misaka Mikoto
Prediction: Akemi Homura > Misaka Mikoto > Sara
Results: Misaka Mikoto > Akemi Homura > Sara

So, it turns out that Homura didn’t have a guaranteed win, after all. It really sucks since she’s one of my favourite characters ):
I’m guessing it’s too obvious how much of a threat Madoka Magica is, and now I’m almost expecting the other girls to have a similar fate.
I predicted that Sara would get less than 50 votes and instead she got 57. orz

A-06: Eucliwood Hellscythe vs Ferris Eris vs Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Prediction: Eucliwood Hellscythe > Toyotomi Hideyoshi > Ferris Eris
Results: Toyotomi Hideyoshi > Eucliwood Hellscythe > Ferris Eris

This was a surprising match. I’m sure everyone thought that Eu had an easy win, but she lost to a character from a fairly obscure show. I guess this is what happens when they block out foreign votes w.
I really need to watch Sengoku Otome.

A-07: Ume-sensei vs Carina Verritti vs Tachibana Miya
Prediction: Tachibana Miya > Ume-sensei > Carina Verritti
Results: Tachibana Miya > Carina Verritti > Ume-sensei

Miya won easily, as expected. I guess in the end actual character substance wins over cute metapods that are good at character design… but at least I’m not alone in thinking that Shukufuku no Campanella was terrible.

A-08: Zakuro vs Makise Kurisu vs Nanasaki Ai
Prediction: Makise Kurisu > Nanasaki Ai > Zakuro
Results: Makise Kurisu > Nanasaki Ai > Zakuro

As expected. It was a close match for Kurisu and Ai and at first it didn’t look like Kurisu would make it, but luckily she managed it in the end. Not that I would’ve minded if Ai had won (or even Zakuro, but we know that’s impossible).

A-09: Rio Rollins Tachibana vs Itsuwa vs Manabe Nodoka
Prediction: Itsuwa > Manabe Nodoka > Rio Rollins Tachibana
Results: Itsuwa > Rio Rollins Tachibana > Manabe Nodoka

It’s official: K-ON! is dead. I mean really, losing to Rio? I know Nodoka is a supporting character but this is just disappointing.

A-10: Himeji Mizuki vs Kawashima Minami vs Shiina Mayuri
Prediction: Shiina Mayuri > Himeji Mizuki > Kawashima Minami
Results: Himeji Mizuki > Shiina Mayuri > Kawashima Minami

Proof that preliminary standing doesn’t decide the winner of a match. I’m not too sure why Mizuki won, but I’m not complaining. To be fair, it was a really close match, and Mayushii was only two votes behind.

A-11: Ricotta Elmar vs Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke vs Tooru
Prediction: Tooru > Ricotta Elmar > Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
Results: Tooru > Ricotta Elmar > Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

Another match that went exactly as expected. I would’ve preferred it if Ricotta won, but Tooru is alright too. Poor Minna ):

A-12: Suzuki Jun vs Yukimura Chizuru vs Astarotte Ygvar
Prediction: Astarotte Ygvar > Suzuki Jun > Yukimura Chizuru
Results: Astarotte Ygvar > Yukimura Chizuru > Suzuki Jun

Lotte dominates, as expected. K-ON! really is doing terribly, and it doesn’t help that all of the actual main characters got unlucky draws. Jun may be a minor character, but I’m certain that more people have watched K-ON! than Hakuouki.




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