Saimoe 2011: Block B Predictions (Round 1)

20 08 2011













Posted back-to-back with the Block A results because there is no break in between. Sigh, so much work.

August 20, 2011:

B-01: Shijima Sui vs Houjou Hibiki vs Charlotte
Personal Preference: Charlotte > Shijima Sui
Prediction: Charlotte > Houjou Hibiki > Shijima Sui

Still can’t believe that Sui got into the tournament…
Between Hibiki and Sui it could go either way; I haven’t watched any Precure but I’d feel bad for Hibiki if she lost to Sui. Charlotte should take this match rather easily. Sadly Mami isn’t in this block.

B-05: Kasugano Sora vs Tokugawa Ieyasu vs Ayatsuji Tsukasa
Personal Preference: Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Kasugano Sora
Prediction: Kasugano Sora > Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Tokugawa Ieyasu

This match is between Sora and Tsukasa (assuming Sengoku Otome doesn’t make another upset…), and I’m fine with either winning. I put Sora as winning just because saimoe favours lolis. w

B-09: Amakusa Shino vs Huang Ling Yin vs Sasa Kanako
Personal Preference: Huang Ling Yin > Amakusa Shino
Prediction: Amakusa Shino > Huang Ling Yin > Sasa Kanako

SYD is a lot stronger than I thought they’d be, and Shino’s preliminary group was really tough. I love Ling Yin but she will lose here. ):

August 21, 2011:

B-02: Sairenji Haruna vs Gertrud Barkhorn vs Shiomiya Shiori
Personal Preference: Shiomiya Shiori > Gertrud Barkhorn > Sairenji Haruna
Prediction: Shiomiya Shiori > Sairenji Haruna > Gertrud Barkhorn

This is where I’d like to think that Kaminomi makes its comeback. Shiori isn’t my favourite Kaminomi girl, but she has a lot of fans, and she’s up against arguably the least popular strike witch and a character that used to do well but had to go through the second preliminaries this year.

B-06: Kurumi Erika vs Merry Nightmare vs Airi
Personal Preference: Merry Nightmare
Prediction: Merry Nightmare > Kurumi Erika > Airi

I didn’t like Yumekui Merry much at all, but Merry is alright I guess. She’s the only character I know in this match so it’s not like I have much choice. She should take this match with ease.

B-10: Musubi vs Yagyuu Juubei vs Amane Suzuha
Personal Preference: Amane Suzuha > Yagyuu Juubei
Prediction: Amane Suzuha > Yagyuu Juubei > Musubi

Mayushii may have failed, and Kurisu had a tough time in her match, but Suzuha got plenty of attention in recent episodes. I think Juubei will edge out over Musubi, just because her series is more recent.

August 22, 2011:

B-03: Mitsuba Mutsumi vs Mifune Ryuuko vs Kurusu Kanako
Personal Preference: Kurusu Kanako > Mifune Ryuuko
Prediction: Mifune Ryuuko > Kurusu Kanako > Mitsuba Mutsumi

Ryuuko is one of those characters that I tend to find annoying, but I’m fine with her winning because Denpa Onna was great. Kanako’s Meruru cosplay is absolutely perfect. SYD is strong, but I’m having difficulty remembering who Mutsumi is… well, she shouldn’t be much of a threat, right? (…preparing to be proved wrong)

B-07: Shinonono Tabane vs Huang Pao-Lin vs Houjou Ayano
Personal Preference: Shinonono Tabane
Prediction: Huang Pao-Lin > Shinonono Tabane > Houjou Ayano

Yet another match where I only know one character. Tabane is a really minor character, and Tiger&Bunny proved me wrong in its strength. Moshidora was weak as expected. I have no idea how popular Pao-Lin is, but we didn’t get to see enough of Tabane in the anime so I doubt she’ll win.

B-11: Minakami Mai vs Tsuchiura Iroha vs Angelene
Personal Preference: Minakami Mai > Tsuchiura Iroha > Angelene
Prediction: Angelene > Tsuchiura Iroha > Minakami Mai

All three of these characters placed 12th in their preliminary groups, so I chose to just go by faction strength. Index is obviously strong, and something tells me that Nichijou isn’t going to do well at all. Though it would be entertaining to have Mai and Yukko go against each other in the next round, Yukko is going to have a tough time in her match. But you never know, it might happen.

August 23, 2011:

B-04: Kotobuki Tsumugi vs Yutaka vs Tenshi
Personal Preference: Tenshi > Kotobuki Tsumugi > Yutaka
Prediction: Tenshi > Kotobuki Tsumugi > Yutaka

A battle between two weakened factions. Both Tenshi and Tsumugi took 2nd place in their preliminary groups, and in both groups, a Hanairo character won. However, Tenshi’s group also had Minko place 3rd, so despite the obvious group votes for Nako/Minko, she managed to at least beat one of them. Angel Beats has faded, but I think (hope) that there’ll be enough Tenshi fans to help her make it.

B-08: Mine Riko vs Mael Strom vs Erica Hartmann
Personal Preference: Erica Hartmann > Mael Strom > Mine Riko
Prediction: Mine Riko > Erica Hartmann > Mael Strom

I’m actually not quite sure how to predict this one. Once again, all three placed at the same rank in the preliminaries, but Erica did better than Eu, so she should be able to beat Tomonori too. Hidan no Aria seems to be a strong team this year, so Riko will likely win.

B-12: Sakamoto Mio vs Togame vs Aioi Yuuko
Personal Preference: Togame > Sakamoto Mio > Aioi Yuuko
Prediction: Sakamoto Mio > Togame > Aioi Yuuko

Another match that could go either way. Mio isn’t really a popular strike witch, but Erica is on the same day so she might get some bonus votes from that. I stand by my belief that Nichijou will do terribly, which leaves Togame at second place.




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