Saimoe 2011: Block B Results (Round 1)

24 08 2011













There is a one day break; therefore Block C preview will be posted tomorrow.

Block B Results (with votes in italic):

B-01: Shijima Sui vs Houjou Hibiki vs Charlotte
Prediction: Charlotte > Houjou Hibiki > Shijima Sui
Results: Shijima Sui > Houjou Hibiki > Charlotte

…what. Charlotte losing is believable, but orz Sui. I know the Hanairo faction is really strong but this is too much…

B-02: Sairenji Haruna vs Gertrud Barkhorn vs Shiomiya Shiori
Prediction: Shiomiya Shiori > Sairenji Haruna > Gertrud Barkhorn
Results: Gertrud Barkhorn > Shiomiya Shiori > Sairenji Haruna

Now that I think about it I have no idea why I put Haruna for second… I guess my mind is still stuck in previous years. Kaminomi is continuing to disappoint. It’s not looking good for Haqua’s match with Azusa; guess Kaminomi will have to focus their efforts on Elsie. Kanon should be able to win her first match too.

B-03: Mitsuba Mutsumi vs Mifune Ryuuko vs Kurusu Kanako
Prediction: Mifune Ryuuko > Kurusu Kanako > Mitsuba Mutsumi
Results: Mifune Ryuuko > Kurusu Kanako > Mitsuba Mutsumi

Ryuuko steamrolls as expected. Oreimo is saving its efforts for the girls that really matter. Minor SYD character that I don’t remember loses as I’d predicted. Basically, this match redeems my two terrible predictions above, lol.

B-04: Kotobuki Tsumugi vs Yutaka vs Tenshi
Prediction: Tenshi > Kotobuki Tsumugi > Yutaka
Results: Tenshi > Kotobuki Tsumugi > Yutaka

Whoa, Kanade did way better than I thought she would. I am extremely satisfied. Now I’m not even sure if Azusa will be able to beat Haqua, despite both factions being far weaker than I’d expected.

B-05: Kasugano Sora vs Tokugawa Ieyasu vs Ayatsuji Tsukasa
Prediction: Kasugano Sora > Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Tokugawa Ieyasu
Results: Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Kasugano Sora > Tokugawa Ieyasu

Sora was a bit weaker than expected, and Tsukasa a bit stronger. Still reasonable results though, unlike many of the other matches so far…

B-06: Kurumi Erika vs Merry Nightmare vs Airi
Prediction: Merry Nightmare > Kurumi Erika > Airi
Results: Merry Nightmare > Kurumi Erika > Airi

Not much to say here; everything went exactly as expected. Merry’s vote totals were also rather low, which makes sense because the show wasn’t particularly good.

B-07: Shinonono Tabane vs Huang Pao-Lin vs Houjou Ayano
Prediction: Huang Pao-Lin > Shinonono Tabane > Houjou Ayano
Results: Huang Pao-Lin > Shinonono Tabane > Houjou Ayano

I was scared because everyone was picking Tabane to win, but in the end I was right and Tiger&Bunny series popularity won here.

B-08: Mine Riko vs Mael Strom vs Erica Hartmann
Prediction: Mine Riko > Erica Hartmann > Mael Strom
Results: Erica Hartmann > Mine Riko > Mael Strom

The block votes with Mio in B12 were more effective than I’d expected, so Erica won here. Riko still put up a good fight though, and might’ve won if it weren’t for those extra SW votes. Tomonori did poorly as expected.

B-09: Amakusa Shino vs Huang Ling Yin vs Sasa Kanako
Prediction: Amakusa Shino > Huang Ling Yin > Sasa Kanako
Results: Huang Ling Yin > Amakusa Shino > Sasa Kanako

Ling Yin luckily proved me wrong here about IS’ strength, while Suzu fooled me into thinking that SYD was a fairly strong faction. But well, I can’t complain at all about these results because Ling Yin is my favourite IS girl.

B-10: Musubi vs Yagyuu Juubei vs Amane Suzuha
Prediction: Amane Suzuha > Yagyuu Juubei > Musubi
Results: Amane Suzuha > Yagyuu Juubei > Musubi

Another match where it went just as I’d predicted. I didn’t really like Suzuha at the beginning of the series, but as her story was revealed she really grew on me and now she’s my second favourite character in the show. She stands a good chance in round 2, too.

B-11: Minakami Mai vs Tsuchiura Iroha vs Angelene
Prediction: Angelene > Tsuchiura Iroha > Minakami Mai
Results: Tsuchiura Iroha > Minakami Mai > Angelene

Index faction didn’t boost Angelene as I thought they would, giving Iroha the win instead. Mai also did better than I’d expected, but I guess she is one of the more likable Nichijou characters (aside from Hakase and Nano, of course).

B-12: Sakamoto Mio vs Togame vs Aioi Yuuko
Prediction: Sakamoto Mio > Togame > Aioi Yuuko
Results: Aioi Yuuko > Sakamoto Mio > Togame

Oops, got this one wrong… but Yukko isn’t going to make it past round 2. Nichijou probably regrets letting Mai lose now – round 2 would’ve been an epic fight. Block votes from Erica weren’t enough to bring Mio her win. Togame D: D: D:



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