Saimoe 2011: Block C Results (Round 1)

29 08 2011













C-02, C-06, and C-10 have been delayed to Sept. 2 because 2ch was down.

Sept. 3 Edit: Results added.

Block C Results (with votes in italic):

C-01: Urushibara Ruka vs Kagura vs Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims
Prediction: Urushibara Ruka > Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims > Kagura
Results: Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims > Kagura > Urushibara Ruka

I guess even Ruka can’t change saimoe’s opinion of traps. Kagura did better than I expected, but I guess Gintama is a pretty popular show even if it’s not moe. Ini adds one to the Lotte count.

C-02: Wajima Tomoe vs Isurugi Mio vs Imagawa Yoshimoto
Prediction: Wajima Tomoe > Isurugi Mio > Imagawa Yoshimoto
Results: Isurugi Mio > Wajima Tomoe > Imagawa Yoshimoto

Wow, Mio did a lot better than I thought she would (unlike the other Mio…), beating Tomoe by quite a large margin, which is too bad because Hanairo ep7 was the best episode ever. I guess the Hanairo faction decided to slack off.
On an unrelated note I can’t see Yoshimoto’s name without thinking of the hannies from Sengoku Rance. orz

C-03: Sendou Erika vs Tsurumi Chiriko vs Kaname Madoka
Prediction: Kaname Madoka > Tsurumi Chiriko > Sendou Erika
Results: Kaname Madoka > Sendou Erika > Tsurumi Chiriko

Ouch, poor Tsuruko ): She definitely deserves more than 67 votes. Madoka won with ease as expected, but her vote count was still rather low.

C-04: Kuronuma Sawako vs Laura Bodewig vs Miyamae Kanako
Prediction: Laura Bodewig > Miyamae Kanako > Kuronuma Sawako
Results: Laura Bodewig > Miyamae Kanako > Kuronuma Sawako

Not much to say here. Laura’s moe twintails win the match. Maria Holic’s strength has dropped immensely, and KnT is just fading away.

C-05: Eclair Martinozzi vs Kinoshita Yuuko vs Kamiki Izumo
Prediction: Eclair Martinozzi > Kinoshita Yuuko > Kamiki Izumo
Results: Eclair Martinozzi > Kinoshita Yuuko > Kamiki Izumo

Eclair won as expected. Yuuko did better than I thought she would; I guess BakaTest is becoming a higher end mid-tier. Looks like it’ll be an interesting fight in Shana’s match in Block F.

C-06: Aizawa Chizuru vs Satsukitane Mikako vs Hercule Barton
Prediction: Hercule Barton > Satsukitane Mikako > Aizawa Chizuru
Results: Hercule Barton > Aizawa Chizuru > Satsukitane Mikako

Hercule’s victory was certain, but Chizuru beat Mikako. I wasn’t sure who would win between the two since they’re so similar, but I guess Chizuru is more fresh in voters’ memories.

C-07: Sakuma Rinko vs Arashiyama Hotori vs Sae
Prediction: Sae > Arashiyama Hotori > Sakuma Rinko
Results: Arashiyama Hotori > Sae > Sakuma Rinko

orz Hotori. I hope Soremachi doesn’t get a second season. I don’t think I’d be able to put up with that voice for another 13 episodes…

C-08: Francesca Lucchini vs Sanya V. Litvyak vs Usami Mimi
Prediction: Sanya V. Litvyak > Francesca Lucchini > Usami Mimi
Results: Sanya V. Litvyak > Francesca Lucchini > Usami Mimi

As expected, Mimi wasn’t anywhere near the strength needed to take advantage of a split vote. However, Sanya did way better than Lucchini which kinda surprised me because I thought Lucchini was up near the top of the SW rankings. Oh well.

C-09: Elucia de Lute Ima vs Agnes Boulange vs Kumashiro Maya
Prediction: Elucia de Lute Ima > Kumashiro Maya > Agnes Boulange
Results: Elucia de Lute Ima > Agnes Boulange > Kumashiro Maya

Elsie \o/
Maya did really badly. I guess I should’ve seen it coming since she’s the only representative from her show and the show wasn’t that great to begin with. It makes sense that Campanella is more popular.

C-10: Himegami Aisa vs Tanamachi Kaoru vs Honma Meiko
Prediction: Honma Meiko > Himegami Aisa > Tanamachi Kaoru
Results: Honma Meiko > Tanamachi Kaoru > Himegami Aisa

Clear win for Menma. Aisa did really, really badly even though Kaoru isn’t even a popular Amagami girl. Index has been disappointing, but Aisa didn’t have much presence in the second season at all so I should’ve expected this.

C-11: Q vs Run vs Akai Ringo
Prediction: Run > Akai Ringo > Q
Results: Run > Akai Ringo > Q

As expected etc etc. A-Channel continues to prove its worth. Ookami-san is of mediocre strength so Ringo can’t put up much of a fight, but it’s enough to beat Q.

C-12: Rebecca Anderson vs Seraphim vs Koumoto Madoka
Prediction: Seraphim > Rebecca Anderson > Koumoto Madoka
Results: Koumoto Madoka > Seraphim > Rebecca Anderson

And yet another KoreZombie character falls, this time to HoshiKaka of all things… not looking good for Haruna in her match (not that I like her, anyway). Dog Days faction didn’t feel the need to support Becky at all which is kinda depressing but she’s a really minor character so it can’t be helped.




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