Saimoe 2011: Block D Predictions (Round 1)

29 08 2011













Saimoe posts screw up my tag cloud.

August 29, 2011:

D-01: Yuzurizaki Nero vs Watanabe Kanako vs Shokatsuryou
Personal Preference: Shokatsuryou > Watanabe Kanako > Yuzurizaki Nero
Prediction: Yuzurizaki Nero > Shokatsuryou > Watanabe Kanako

None of the Milky Holmes characters appeal to me, so even Kanako is higher on my list… but Shuri is my favourite Koihime Musou character so it makes up for it I guess. Predicting Nero to win because :Milky Holmes: etc.

D-05: Chiba Saori vs Tougi Shiro vs Sakai Hina
Personal Preference: Tougi Shiro
Prediction: Tougi Shiro > Sakai Hina > Chiba Saori

I only know one character!! D: but at least Shiro is decently moe. Fortune Arterial has medium strength which should be enough to win against two low-tiers. Neither Hourou Musuko nor HoshiKaka has won a single one of their matches so far.

D-09: Tokita Ayumi vs Last Order vs Sakurai-sensei
Personal Preference: Last Order > Tokita Ayumi > Sakurai-sensei
Prediction: Last Order > Sakurai-sensei > Tokita Ayumi

An easy win for the Index faction. Nichijou is weak and Ayumi was a minor character.

August 30, 2011:

D-02: Maekawa-san vs Hatori Kanon vs Tamura Manami
Personal Preference: Maekawa-san > Tamura Manami
Prediction: Maekawa-san > Tamura Manami > Hatori Kanon

Maekawa is my least favourite girl from Denpa Onna, but I at least like her more than Manami (my least favourite girl from Oreimo). Haven’t watched Anyamaru but I doubt it’ll do well.

D-06: Kotegawa Yui vs Misaka Imouto vs Kamizaki Risa
Personal Preference: Kamizaki Risa > Misaka Imouto > Kotegawa Yui
Prediction: Misaka Imouto > Kotegawa Yui > Kamizaki Risa

Another match where I like all three characters orz. If only I could swap them with characters from D-03 or D-11. Misaka should win, Index faction etc etc. Risa only got one episode, so she’s unlikely to beat Yui, who is a somewhat popular TLR character.

D-10: Stocking vs Kita no Miko vs Watarai Asuka
Personal Preference: Stocking > Kita no Miko > Watarai Asuka
Prediction: Stocking > Watarai Asuka > Kita no Miko

Weak match. Stocking did fairly well in the preliminaries so she’ll probably win here. Sakana-chan’s song was pretty. Oretsuba was absolute crap.

August 31, 2011:

D-03: Senou Natsuru vs Ritos Tortilla vs Mikogami Riko
Personal Preference: Senou Natsuru > Ritos Tortilla
Prediction: Ritos Tortilla > Mikogami Riko > Senou Natsuru

SO MANY WEAK MATCHES. Anyway I’m going to take a huge risk and say that Natsuru will lose to both Ritos and Riko because saimoe doesn’t like traps. I’m probably going to be wrong, but oh well.

D-07: Evangeline A.K. McDowell vs Tachibana Isana vs Satellizer el Bridget
Personal Preference: Evangeline A.K. McDowell > Tachibana Isana
Prediction: Evangeline A.K. McDowell > Tachibana Isana > Satellizer el Bridget

I know Negima is a dying faction, but Eva should at least be able to win this one. Yumekui Merry is fairly weak and Freezing doesn’t even have a following, whereas Eva is definitely one of the most popular Negima girls.

D-11: Tatsuno Toshiko vs Zenigata Tsugiko vs Ootori Naru
Personal Preference: Ootori Naru > Tatsuno Toshiko > Zenigata Tsugiko
Prediction: Tatsuno Toshiko > Ootori Naru > Zenigata Tsugiko

WTF this match. I’ve watched all three shows involved and yet I don’t want to support any of the characters in this match. Toshiko is boring, Naru is a crappy generic character from the worst show of the decade, and I don’t even remember who Tsugiko is.

September 1, 2011:

D-04: Ika Musume vs Lynette Bishop vs Akiyama Mio
Personal Preference: Ika Musume > Akiyama Mio > Lynette Bishop
Prediction: Ika Musume > Akiyama Mio > Lynette Bishop

Right after a day of terribly unexciting matches, we get a huge faction war. Ika Musume is going strong and getting another season, so she’ll definitely win. K-ON! is dying but you’d think they’d at least be able to do better than Strike Witches.

D-08: Fukiyose Seiri vs Takanashi Nao vs Eris
Personal Preference: Fukiyose Seiri > Takanashi Nao > Eris
Prediction: Takanashi Nao > Fukiyose Seiri > Eris

Iroha’s performance against the Index faction was decent so Nao should do fairly well too. Asobi ni Ikuyo was crap.

D-12: Musujime Awaki vs Kanzaki Kaori vs Yuno
Personal Preference: Yuno > Kanzaki Kaori > Musujime Awaki
Prediction: Yuno > Kanzaki Kaori > Musujime Awaki

Yuno should easily be able to win against two low-tier Index girls, and the split votes will just make it even easier.



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