Saimoe 2011: Block E Predictions (Round 1)

3 09 2011












Finally some decent matches. Block C results have been updated.

September 3, 2011:

E-01: Uiharu Kazari vs Sakura Akari vs Mercelida Ygvar
Personal Preference: Uiharu Kazari > Mercelida Ygvar
Prediction: Uiharu Kazari > Mercelida Ygvar > Sakura Akari

Index’s performance hasn’t been matching the sheer volume of characters they have, but Uiharu will most likely win this one. Lotte faction will support Mercelida and it should be a close battle. Akari is irrelevant. One of the issues here is that if Uiharu wins, and Saten wins her match the next day, then there’ll be some terrible split votes in round 2 and both will likely lose to the winner of E-03 (either Yuina or Sayaka).

E-05: Touwa Meme vs Charlotte Dunois vs Touwa Erio
Personal Preference: Touwa Erio > Charlotte Dunois > Touwa Meme
Prediction: Touwa Erio > Charlotte Dunois > Touwa Meme

Three great characters that could easily cruise their way to round 3 if given a better match-up. Denpa Onna faction will cast Meme aside, sadly, because they’ll need all the strength they can get to beat Charlotte. It’ll be close, but I hope Erio wins because she is just so cute.

E-09: Koudou Mayuka vs Yukikaze Panettone vs Mashu
Personal Preference: Yukikaze Panettone > Mashu > Kondou Mayuka
Prediction: Kondou Mayuka > Yukikaze Panettone > Mashu

Iroha and Nao both did fairly well, so I’m expecting Mayuka to win this one. Dog Days is strong, but Yukikaze isn’t really a main character. I’m fairly sure that C is weak so Mashu will definitely lose.

September 4, 2011:

E-02: Mizushiro Kanon vs Saten Ruiko vs Konjiki no Yami
Personal Preference: Konjiki no Yami > Saten Ruiko
Prediction: Konjiki no Yami > Saten Ruiko > Mizushiro Kanon

This is a tricky match. Yui’s win in block D suggests that TLR is stronger than expected, and seeing as how the new TLR manga is centred on Yami, she’s in good shape to fight Saten, who hasn’t made an appearance in a long time. I think this is an easy win for Yami, but in the case that Uiharu loses her match, Index faction will back up Saten with all they have.

E-06: Minette vs Mitsuki Sohara vs Nino
Personal Preference: Mitsuki Sohara > Minette > Nino
Prediction: Mitsuki Sohara > Minette > Nino

Sohara should win this easily, because SoraOto is fairly strong, especially with their recent movie. Campanella is hanging around low-mid tier, but that’s more than enough to beat Nino (boring character from an uninteresting show).

E-10: Saori Bajeena vs Hasegawa Hirano vs Keikain Yura
Personal Preference: Saori Bajeena > Hasegawa Hirano > Keikain Yura
Prediction: Saori Bajeena > Hasegawa Hirano > Keikain Yura

Saori may not be one of the more popular Oreimo characters, but the faction will definitely support her (especially if they’ve played the PSP game and seen plenty of her true appearance…). Milky Holmes faction will bring Hirano to second place, and Yura will get no attention.

September 5, 2011:

E-03: Wakura Yuina vs Kusano vs Miki Sayaka
Personal Preference: Wakura Yuina > Miki Sayaka
Prediction: Wakura Yuina > Miki Sayaka > Kusano

Arguably the two biggest new factions, Hanairo and Madoka Magica battle it out here. Hanairo has had flawless performance so far, whereas Madoka Magica has lost Homura. I’m predicting Yuina to win this one; Sayaka is one of the least popular Puella Magi and to make it worse, Ohana’s match is on the same day so Yuina will get tons of extra votes. Kusano is filler.

E-07: Takahara Ayumi vs Reki vs Feyris Nyan Nyan
Personal Preference: Feyris Nyan Nyan > Takahara Ayumi > Reki
Prediction: Takahara Ayumi > Feyris Nyan Nyan > Reki

Ayumi is really popular among people who read the Kaminomi manga, so she should win this match. Between Feyris and Reki it could go either way, but Feyris is pure Akiba and has a sad backstory whereas Reki is just a minor supporting character.

E-11: Tsuda Kotomi vs Matsumae Ohana vs Sawanatsu Kotone
Personal Preference: Matsumae Ohana > Sawanatsu Kotone > Tsuda Kotomi
Prediction: Matsumae Ohana > Tsuda Kotomi > Sawanatsu Kotone

Ohana, without doubt. SYD is stronger than Softenni so Kotomi will take second place. Ohana’s votes will be inflated thanks to the Yuina vs Sayaka match on the same day, so it will just be massive overkill.

September 6, 2011:

E-04: Shimada Minami vs Yuuki Kanade vs Hirasawa Yui
Personal Preference: Yuuki Kanade > Hirasawa Yui > Shimada Minami
Prediction: Hirasawa Yui > Shimada Minami > Yuuki Kanade

This is K-ON!’s last decent chance to make a comeback, and I hope they don’t fail because that would make my prediction wrong. <_<;
BakaTest is growing stronger, but Yui has the advantage of Azusa being in a huge match on the same day.

E-08: Hinata Ibuki vs Nohohon-san vs Sheryl Nome
Personal Preference: Nohohon-san > Sheryl Nome
Prediction: Nohohon-san > Sheryl Nome > Hinata Ibuki

Nothing much to say here; I just don’t want Sheryl to win orz. IS faction, help me out here…

E-12: Kon Futaba vs Nakano Azusa vs Haqua du Lot Herminium
Personal Preference: Nakano Azusa = Haqua du Lot Herminium
Prediction: Nakano Azusa > Haqua du Lot Herminium > Kon Futaba

That’s right, in the end I still can’t decide who I like more. Azunyan is cute and nyaa~ but Haqua is so wonderfully tsundere. Anyway, I’m predicting Azunyan to win because of Yui’s match on the same day (YuiAzu, etc). Otherwise it’d really be hard to tell.



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