Saimoe 2011: Block E Results (Round 1)

7 09 2011












Erio ._.

Block E Results (with votes in italic):

E-01: Uiharu Kazari vs Sakura Akari vs Mercelida Ygvar
Prediction: Uiharu Kazari > Mercelida Ygvar > Sakura Akari
Results: Uiharu Kazari > Sakura Akari > Mercelida Ygvar

Mercelida didn’t even get a chance and Akari was only 2 votes away from Uiharu. There must’ve been some serious tactics working behind the scenes here. Since Uiharu won, Yami is almost guaranteed to win her match against Saten because otherwise there’d be some horrible split votes in round 2.

E-02: Mizushiro Kanon vs Saten Ruiko vs Konjiki no Yami
Prediction: Konjiki no Yami > Saten Ruiko > Mizushiro Kanon
Results: Saten Ruiko > Konjiki no Yami > Mizushiro Kanon

…or not. Wow… just wow. Saten totally destroyed Yami there. It’s definitely the Hanairo & Madoka Magica factions’ doing, so that Yuina or Sayaka will have an easy time in round 2. Index faction, I am extremely disappointed. Yamiyami ): ): ):

E-03: Wakura Yuina vs Kusano vs Miki Sayaka
Prediction: Wakura Yuina > Miki Sayaka > Kusano
Results: Miki Sayaka > Wakura Yuina > Kusano

Despite a seemingly close battle, Sayaka wins this match by a large margin thanks to a ton of fake votes for Yuina and a last hour rush. Yuina has quite a few fans, but I guess she just couldn’t take on a desperate Madoka Magica faction. Sayaka will be taking full advantage of the Railgun split next round.

E-04: Shimada Minami vs Yuuki Kanade vs Hirasawa Yui
Prediction: Hirasawa Yui > Shimada Minami > Yuuki Kanade
Results: Shimada Minami > Hirasawa Yui > Yuuki Kanade

Even with the YuiAzu combo, Yui still lost by a fair amount. I’d already lowered my expectations of K-ON! a lot, but they still manage to do even worse. Oh well, Minami is fine too I guess. I heard she had a nice spotlight recently in the second season but I’m not caught up.

E-05: Touwa Meme vs Charlotte Dunois vs Touwa Erio
Prediction: Touwa Erio > Charlotte Dunois > Touwa Meme
Results: Charlotte Dunois > Touwa Erio > Touwa Meme

Noooooooooooooo, Erioooooooooooooo ;__________;
Charlotte is fine too I guess… but… but… Erio…… ;___;

E-06: Minette vs Mitsuki Sohara vs Nino
Prediction: Mitsuki Sohara > Minette > Nino
Results: Mitsuki Sohara > Minette > Nino

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Sohara joins Astraea and Chaos (but not Mikako) in round 2.

E-07: Takahara Ayumi vs Reki vs Feyris Nyan Nyan
Prediction: Takahara Ayumi > Feyris Nyan Nyan > Reki
Results: Takahara Ayumi > Feyris Nyan Nyan > Reki

As expected, but Feyris was a lot closer than I thought she’d be. I guess those that have been keeping up with the show were touched by her recent spotlight. Anyway, Kaminomi readers had to struggle to keep Ayumi in first place. Reki proves that as popular as Hidan no Aria may be, it doesn’t have much of a faction, let alone one that can support such a minor character.

E-08: Hinata Ibuki vs Nohohon-san vs Sheryl Nome
Prediction: Nohohon-san > Sheryl Nome > Hinata Ibuki
Results: Nohohon-san > Hinata Ibuki > Sheryl Nome

Yay, Sheryl lost, and did even worse than Ibuki. Nohohon-san might be the most minor character to make the second round this time around, but IS needs to take its wins whenever it can.

E-09: Kondou Mayuka vs Yukikaze Panettone vs Mashu
Prediction: Kondou Mayuka > Yukikaze Panettone > Mashu
Results: Yukikaze Panettone > Kondou Mayuka > Mashu

Wow that was close. Just another 3 votes and my prediction would’ve been correct… but I prefer it this way anyway w. Yay Yukikaze.

E-10: Saori Bajeena vs Hasegawa Hirano vs Keikain Yura
Prediction: Saori Bajeena > Hasegawa Hirano > Keikain Yura
Results: Hasegawa Hirano > Saori Bajeena > Keikain Yura

Damn, Milky Holmes is strong. Not enough people have read the Oreimo LNs or played the psp game, so Saori’s true face is still a mystery to them… Milky Holmes may be the one strong saimoe faction that I disapprove of so much. Oh well.

E-11: Tsuda Kotomi vs Matsumae Ohana vs Sawanatsu Kotone
Prediction: Matsumae Ohana > Tsuda Kotomi > Sawanatsu Kotone
Results: Matsumae Ohana > Sawanatsu Kotone > Tsuda Kotomi

Ohana destroys her competition, even after having more than 200 fake votes removed. I thought Kotomi would do better than Kotone but I guess not. Well, it’s not like it matters, since the purpose of this match was just to watch Ohana’s numbers go up.

E-12: Kon Futaba vs Nakano Azusa vs Haqua du Lot Herminium
Prediction: Nakano Azusa > Haqua du Lot Herminium > Kon Futaba
Results: Haqua du Lot Herminium > Nakano Azusa > Kon Futaba

And the returning champion is out. Kaminomi has only had moderate strength so far, but Haqua is one of their top characters so she was able to overcome a weakened K-ON! faction. I like both Haqua and Azunyan equally so I couldn’t decide who to support, but naturally I’m fine with either outcome. Azunyan has already had her turn.




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