Saimoe 2011: Block F Predictions (Round 1)

7 09 2011











Shana Shana Shana Shana Shana.

September 7, 2011:

F-01: Yuuki Mikan vs Ryuubi vs Salsa Tortilla
Personal Preference: Yuuki Mikan > Ryuubi > Salsa Tortilla
Prediction: Yuuki Mikan > Salsa Tortilla > Ryuubi

Easy win for Mikan (luckily she didn’t get matched up with Yami again… but I would’ve rather lost Yami to Mikan than Sayaka). Both Campanella and Koihime Musou are fairly weak, but Campanella is more recent and overall their characters have been doing better so far.

F-05: Yuuno Arashiko vs Hakase vs Hirasawa Ui
Personal Preference: Hakase > Hirasawa Ui > Yuuno Arashiko
Prediction: Hakase > Hirasawa Ui > Yuuno Arashiko

Nichijou is an ongoing series and Hakase is the cutest girl in the show, so there’s no doubts that she’ll win. Between Ui and Arashiko it could go either way. K-ON! is dying whilst MM! was stronger than anticipated, but I don’t think Arashiko is nearly as strong as Mio.

F-09: Yuuko vs Kirishima Shouko vs Shana
Personal Preference: Shana > Yuuko > Kirishima Shouko
Prediction: Shana > Yuuko > Kirishima Shouko

Yuuko is my favourite A-Channel character and Shouko is my favourite BakaTest character. I like them both a lot, but naturally they can’t come close to my love for Shana. It’ll be an interesting battle, but Shana will most likely win as tacticians will have a hard time deciding whether to back Yuuko or Shouko. People might be getting tired of seeing Shana in saimoe, but she was still the only preliminary group winner that wasn’t a newcomer. Go Shana!

September 8, 2011:

F-02: Millhiore F. Biscotti vs Kasuga Kusunoki vs Nymph
Personal Preference: Nymph > Millhiore F. Biscotti > Kasuga Kusunoki
Prediction: Millhiore F. Biscotti > Nymph > Kasuga Kusunoki

I love Nymph. She is one of my favourite characters. She will lose to Millhi and her scary Dog Days faction. Poor Nymph.
Depression aside, I do like Millhi as well. She just isn’t as high up as Nymph is for me. Kusunoki is also alright but she’s not going to do well in this match since all eyes will be on Millhi and Nymph.

F-06: Miria Marigold Mackenzie vs Kongou Mitsuko vs Miyafuji Yoshika
Personal Preference: Miyafuji Yoshika > Kongou Mitsuko
Prediction: Miyafuji Yoshika > Kongou Mitsuko > Miria Marigold Mackenzie

Akari gave us a scare in Block E, but I’m going to go ahead and assume she was just being used by tactical voters and that Jewelpet is still a weak series (even with another character going up on the same day). Index continues to disappoint, so Yoshika should win this without issue.

F-10: Asaka Hinata vs Kondou Mikoto vs Anjou Naruko
Personal Preference: Anjou Naruko > Kondou Mikoto
Prediction: Anjou Naruko > Kondou Mikoto > Asaka Hinata

Not much to say here. Ano Hana is strong and Kampfer/Jewelpet are weak.

September 9, 2011:

F-03: Kannagi Noel vs Tomoe Mami vs Nagatsuki Sanae
Personal Preference: Tomoe Mami > Kannagi Noel > Nagatsuki Sanae
Prediction: Tomoe Mami > Nagatsuki Sanae > Kannagi Noel

Mami is one of the most popular Puella Magi so she should have no problem dealing with Sanae and Noel, as much as Sanae would love to follow Ika into round 2. Sora no Woto has definitely faded way too much.

F-07: Elizabeth Warren vs Konori Mii vs Shinonome Nano
Personal Preference: Konori Mii > Elizabeth Warren > Shinonome Nano
Prediction: Shinonome Nano > Elizabeth Warren > Konori Mii

Nano will join Hakase in round 2. Mii isn’t the type that does well in saimoe so Elizabeth should take second place.

F-11: Hotogi Shirayuki vs Oshimizu Nako vs Subaru
Personal Preference: Oshimizu Nako > Subaru > Hotogi Shirayuki
Prediction: Oshimizu Nako > Hotogi Shirayuki > Subaru

This match is between Nako and Shirayuki, but really, Nako should win in a landslide as one of the main Hanairo girls. I hate Shirayuki so I will enjoy watching her lose. Subaru is just a bystander.

September 10, 2011:

F-04: Hiro vs Busujima Saeko vs Momo Velia Deviluke
Personal Preference: Hiro > Momo Velia Deviluke > Busujima Saeko
Prediction: Hiro > Momo Velia Deviluke > Busujima Saeko

Hidasketch is still going strong, and Nori’s match is on the same day which should boost Hiro’s votes a bit. Momo didn’t do much in the anime so most of her voters will be those that read the manga (especially TLR Darkness), which probably doesn’t amount to enough to let her win against Hiro. Saeko is one of those characters that lucks into the tournament in the second prelims.

F-08: Nori vs Shichijou Aria vs Avril Bradley
Personal Preference: Nori > Shichijou Aria > Avril Bradley
Prediction: Nori > Shichijou Aria > Avril Bradley

Nori isn’t one of the popular Hidasketch characters, but if Shino didn’t win, Aria shouldn’t either. Nori also has the benefit of Hiro’s match on the same day. While not as helpful as if it were Nazuna, it’ll still give her a decent bonus. Gosick is like Shakugan no Shana in that it has only one star, in this case Victorique (i.e. not Avril) and all of the other characters are just there for the sake of being there.

F-12: Yuzuhara Konomi vs Hiiragi Noa vs Cecilia Alcott
Personal Preference: Cecilia Alcott > Hiiragi Noa
Prediction: Cecilia Alcott > Hiiragi Noa > Yuzuhara Konomi

Cecilia is my least favourite IS girl but she’s still alright. Noa is a minor character and To Heart is waaaaaay past its prime.




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