Saimoe 2011: Block F Results (Round 1)

11 09 2011












AKA Troll Block. Shana……

Block F Results (with votes in italic):

F-01: Yuuki Mikan vs Ryuubi vs Salsa Tortilla
Prediction: Yuuki Mikan > Salsa Tortilla > Ryuubi
Results: Yuuki Mikan > Salsa Tortilla > Ryuubi

Mikan makes her way to Round 2 with ease; sadly Yami can’t join her. Koihime Musou has never been that strong of a faction and the fact that they’ve been around so long doesn’t help. Touka still did fairly well against Salsa though.

F-02: Millhiore F. Biscotti vs Kasuga Kusunoki vs Nymph
Prediction: Millhiore F. Biscotti > Nymph > Kasuga Kusunoki
Results: Millhiore F. Biscotti > Nymph > Kasuga Kusunoki

Nymphhhhhhhhhh~! She managed to just make it past Millhi by four votes. Nymph has always been strong but I think she got a bit of help from the Madoka Magica faction to get Millhi out of the way. Dog Days still put up a really good fight though, and there is no shame in losing to Nymph. Thanks to that intense battle, Kusunoki only got a pitiful 50 votes.

F-03: Kannagi Noel vs Tomoe Mami vs Nagatsuki Sanae
Prediction: Tomoe Mami > Nagatsuki Sanae > Kannagi Noel
Results: Tomoe Mami > Nagatsuki Sanae > Kannagi Noel

Strong performance by Mami as the Madoka Magica faction gets itself back together. Luckily for her, both Sanae and Noel are too weak for rival factions to take advantage of. Ika Musume may be strong, but the same can’t be said for the others in her show.

F-04: Hiro vs Busujima Saeko vs Momo Velia Deviluke
Prediction: Hiro > Momo Velia Deviluke > Busujima Saeko
Results: Hiro > Momo Velia Deviluke > Busujima Saeko

Low vote totals this time around but Hiro still won comfortably. Again, most Momo fans would be TLR Darkness readers which don’t make up much of the voting population. HotD does poorly as expected.

F-05: Yuuno Arashiko vs Hakase vs Hirasawa Ui
Prediction: Hakase > Hirasawa Ui > Yuuno Arashiko
Results: Yuuno Arashiko > Hirasawa Ui > Hakase

Wow I was totally wrong here, lol. Hakase did extremely poorly, getting less than 100 votes. K-ON! attempted to make a comeback with Ui, but were promptly stopped by Arashiko even though I didn’t think she was that strong. Anyway, K-ON! is pretty much screwed now cause there’s no way Sawako and Ritsu will win.

F-06: Miria Marigold Mackenzie vs Kongou Mitsuko vs Miyafuji Yoshika
Prediction: Miyafuji Yoshika > Kongou Mitsuko > Miria Marigold Mackenzie
Results: Miyafuji Yoshika > Miria Marigold Mackenzie > Kongou Mitsuko

Either a big Jewelpet fanbase has showed up, or people have decided to use Jewelpet characters for their assassinations. Miria didn’t come that close, but she still did a lot better than she was supposed to. Well whatever, adds for some nice drama.

F-07: Elizabeth Warren vs Konori Mii vs Shinonome Nano
Prediction: Shinonome Nano > Elizabeth Warren > Konori Mii
Results: Shinonome Nano > Konori Mii > Elizabeth Warren

Index flopped the previous match but tried to make up for it here. Mii didn’t get anywhere close but she still did way better than Elizabeth. Comparing Hakase and Nano’s results… can’t help but feel bad for Hakase. She’s my favourite Nichijou character whereas I’m not much of a fan of Nano at all.

F-08: Nori vs Shichijou Aria vs Avril Bradley
Prediction: Nori > Shichijou Aria > Avril Bradley
Results: Nori > Avril Bradley > Shichijou Aria

It ended up being Avril challenging Nori, not Aria, but block votes with Hiro on the same day ensured Nori’s victory. Suzu seems to be an outlier in SYD’s performance.

F-09: Yuuko vs Kirishima Shouko vs Shana
Prediction: Shana > Yuuko > Kirishima Shouko
Results: Yuuko > Shana > Kirishima Shouko

Wtf 2ch, wtf. Yuuko is a great character and all, yeah, but Shana getting knocked out in the first round?! I’m writing this post a few days after the match actually occurred, so most of the initial shock and rage has worn off, but honestly I can’t believe this. People really wanted her out, huh? At least she’ll be back next year… in the meantime I guess I’ll support Homu– wait crap. (one quick scan of the chart later…) Victorique for Saimoe 2011.

F-10: Asaka Hinata vs Kondou Mikoto vs Anjou Naruko
Prediction: Anjou Naruko > Kondou Mikoto > Asaka Hinata
Results: Asaka Hinata > Anjou Naruko > Kondou Mikoto

Hahaha Jewelpet is really causing a scene this year… it was really close but Hinata actually won against Anaru. It’s nice that things are getting mixed up like this, but Hinata will probably just be fodder in Round 2. I’m not a huge Anaru fan so for me this outcome is just amusing, not rage-worthy.

F-11: Hotogi Shirayuki vs Oshimizu Nako vs Subaru
Prediction: Oshimizu Nako > Hotogi Shirayuki > Subaru
Results: Hotogi Shirayuki > Oshimizu Nako > Subaru

Man, Shirayuki is one of the most annoying characters ever, but she still managed to take down one of Hanairo’s big 3 which is no easy feat. It’s possible that after Shana’s loss, her supporters went to support Aria, but I really hope not because Hidan no Aria was absolute crap and Aria is nowhere near as great as Shana. If KugiRie fans want someone to support, I personally suggest Lotte instead.

F-12: Yuzuhara Konomi vs Hiiragi Noa vs Cecilia Alcott
Prediction: Cecilia Alcott > Hiiragi Noa > Yuzuhara Konomi
Results: Cecilia Alcott > Hiiragi Noa > Yuzuhara Konomi

Nothing to say here. Cecilia isn’t that popular but there’s no reason for IS not to take their free win.




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