Saimoe 2011: Block G Predictions (Round 1)

12 09 2011











Oreimo can finally wake up.

September 12, 2011:

G-01: Rose vs Isara Gunther vs Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
Personal Preference: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen > Isara Gunther > Rose
Prediction: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen > Rose > Isara Gunther

Strike Witches is still going strong so Eila should have a reasonably easy time here. Isara doesn’t stand a chance because her series is too old, and Dragon Crisis! was crap. Rose will get some votes from KugiRie fans but it shouldn’t be enough to beat Eila.

G-05: Kudou Aiko vs Hoshimiya Yashiro vs Ayuzawa Misaki
Personal Preference: Ayuzawa Misaki > Hoshimiya Yashiro > Kudou Aiko
Prediction: Hoshimiya Yashiro > Ayuzawa Misaki > Kudou Aiko

Misaki in second place is probably just wishful thinking. BakaTest is strong, yeah, but I doubt Aiko has many fans. The Denpa Onna faction has lost Erio and Meme (i.e. my two favourite characters from the show…) but they still have Ryuuko and Maekawa. Adding Yashiro to the list couldn’t hurt.

G-09: Akechi Kokoro vs Yuki Onna vs Elfleda Mirjasdottir
Personal Preference: Yuki Onna > Elfleda Mirjasdottir > Akechi Kokoro
Prediction: Akechi Kokoro > Elfleda Mirjasdottir > Yuki Onna

Milky Holmes without a doubt. Kokoro did really well in the preliminaries so she should have no problem at all beating a low tier Lotte no Omocha character and a character from a rather obscure show. Tsurara is cute but I won’t be too sad to see her go; she just wasn’t meant for saimoe.

September 13, 2011:

G-02: Suehiro Anna vs Tooyama Saku vs Index
Personal Preference: Index > Tooyama Saku
Prediction: Index > Tooyama Saku > Suehiro Anna

Milky Holmes may be strong, but Index faction should at least be able to keep their title character in the game. Hourou Musuko is too weak for the likes of these two factions.

G-06: Miho vs Tsukuyomi Komoe vs Yui
Personal Preference: Miho > Yui > Tsukuyomi Komoe
Prediction: Yui > Miho > Tsukuyomi Komoe

Not sure how to predict this one… I’m going with Angel Beats! though. They did a good job in the Kanade vs Tsumugi fight after all. Index faction is getting weak and Komoe hasn’t been getting any attention. A-Channel is strong but Miho is a minor character (I like her a lot though). It’ll be a close one between Yui and Miho.

G-10: Ranka Lee vs Morita Mayu vs Toudou Tsumugi
Personal Preference: Ranka Lee > Morita Mayu
Prediction: Toudou Tsumugi > Ranka Lee > Morita Mayu

Tsumugi should win this one. HoshiKaka has low-mid tier strength and Tsumugi got in through the first preliminaries unlike Ranka. Morita-san is very obscure so no expectations from Mayu.

September 14, 2011:

G-03: Yuri vs Kousaka Kirino vs Tsurugi Minko
Personal Preference: Tsurugi Minko > Kousaka Kirino > Yuri
Prediction: Kousaka Kirino > Tsurugi Minko > Yuri

This is the match of the block. Oreimo is strong, Hanairo is strong, Angel Beats is decently strong. I’m predicting Kirino to win this one. She has a lot of haters, but she’s still the main character. The Hanairo faction is losing its grip; Minko is weaker than Nako but Nako even lost to Shirayuki. Yurippe will have to watch from the sidelines this time.

G-07: Sakurai Rihoko vs Marui Futaba vs Naganohara Mio
Personal Preference: Sakurai Rihoko > Naganohara Mio > Marui Futaba
Prediction: Sakurai Rihoko > Naganohara Mio > Marui Futaba

Rihoko is on the lower end of my Amagami rankings, but you can’t help but feel bad for her arc. On the other hand, Nichijou’s strength varies a lot. I changed my prediction from Mio to Rihoko at the last minute when I realized that Rihoko did make it through first preliminaries. Mitsudomoe shouldn’t pose a threat.

G-11: Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois vs Charlotte E Yeager vs Yoshinoya-sensei
Personal Preference: Yoshinoya-sensei > Charlotte E Yeager > Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois
Prediction: Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois > Charlotte E Yeager > Yoshinoya-sensei

Between Leo and Charlotte it could go either way. It really depends on whether the Dog Days faction will try to avenge Millhi or if they’ll just give up. Yoshinoya-sensei is awesome, but this is not her time.

September 15, 2011:

G-04: Yuuki Haruna vs Morishima L. Haruka vs Kuze Kiriha
Personal Preference: Morishima L. Haruka > Kuze Kiriha > Yuuki Haruna
Prediction: Morishima L. Haruka > Yuuki Haruna > Kuze Kiriha

Fortune Arterial got a bad draw here; Haruna and Kiriha won’t even get a chance. Haruka doesn’t even need to try to win; it’s already guaranteed for her. Well, Haruka is one of my favourite Amagami girls so I can’t exactly complain.

G-08: Nazuna vs Sakura Kiyomi vs Aragaki Ayase
Personal Preference: Aragaki Ayase > Nazuna > Sakura Kiyomi
Prediction: Aragaki Ayase > Nazuna > Sakura Kiyomi

Should be an easy win for Ayase. Hidasketch is strong, but not good enough to face the Oreimo faction. The only possibility is Milky Holmes taking her out so that Kokoro has an easier Round 2, but I doubt it.

G-12: Tainaka Ritsu vs Sakura Kyouko vs Sorami Kanata
Personal Preference: Sakura Kyouko > Tainaka Ritsu > Sorami Kanata
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko > Tainaka Ritsu > Sorami Kanata

No hope for K-ON!. Kyouko will destroy her competition. Maybe even Kanata will get close to Ritsu (unlikely but would be hilarious).




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