Saimoe 2011: Block G Results (Round 1)

16 09 2011













I totally forgot to write this post orz.

Block G Results (with votes in italic):

G-01: Rose vs Isara Gunther vs Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
Prediction: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen > Rose > Isara Gunther
Results: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen > Rose > Isara Gunther

Eila wins as expected and Rose comes in a distant second place. KugiRie fans might be upset about Shana, but they don’t feel the need to support an annoying character from a terrible show. Poor Isara didn’t stand a chance, which isn’t suprising seeing as how Alicia didn’t even make it in this year.

G-02: Suehiro Anna vs Tooyama Saku vs Index
Prediction: Index > Tooyama Saku > Suehiro Anna
Results: Index > Tooyama Saku > Suehiro Anna

Saku gave Index a scare at first, but Index managed to pull ahead by quite a bit. Milky Holmes already has Kokoro in this block so they don’t really need Saku anyway. I need to get around to watching Hourou Musuko.

G-03: Yuri vs Kousaka Kirino vs Tsurugi Minko
Prediction: Kousaka Kirino > Tsurugi Minko > Yuri
Results: Kousaka Kirino > Tsurugi Minko > Yuri

It looked like an extremely close match between Kirino and Minchi at first, but my prediction was correct and Kirino won this easily. Hanairo was extremely strong at first but now their strength is fading for whatever reason. The only one that seems to get full support now is Ohana. Yurippe didn’t stand a chance.

G-04: Yuuki Haruna vs Morishima L. Haruka vs Kuze Kiriha
Prediction: Morishima L. Haruka > Yuuki Haruna > Kuze Kiriha
Results: Morishima L. Haruka > Yuuki Haruna > Kuze Kiriha

Even without too much of a split between the two Fortune Arterial girls, Haruna was no match for Haruka, who will probably stand a good chance in Round 2 as well.

G-05: Kudou Aiko vs Hoshimiya Yashiro vs Ayuzawa Misaki
Prediction: Hoshimiya Yashiro > Ayuzawa Misaki > Kudou Aiko
Results: Ayuzawa Misaki > Hoshimiya Yashiro > Kudou Aiko

Misaki did a lot better than I’d expected; Yashiro and Aiko didn’t even come close. Maid-sama is pretty old so it doesn’t really make sense for her to win, but I guess Yashiro doesn’t have many fans after all. Unfortunately, Misaki isn’t going to be making it past Round 2.

G-06: Miho vs Tsukuyomi Komoe vs Yui
Prediction: Yui > Miho > Tsukuyomi Komoe
Results: Yui > Tsukuyomi Komoe > Miho

I guess A-Channel’s supporting characters don’t do well at all (Miho is super cute though). Yui won as I’d predicted; even with the help from Index, Komoe couldn’t get close. Angel Beats! has weakened a bit, but they’re still fairly strong when they need to be.

G-07: Sakurai Rihoko vs Marui Futaba vs Naganohara Mio
Prediction: Naganohara Mio > Sakurai Rihoko > Marui Futaba
Results: Sakurai Rihoko > Naganohara Mio > Marui Futaba

It ended up being really close between Rihoko and Mio; Rihoko won by only 14 votes. Looks like she didn’t get shafted this time w. Futaba does poorly as expected. The only Mitsudomoe character with any strength at all is Hitoha.

G-08: Nazuna vs Sakura Kiyomi vs Aragaki Ayase
Prediction: Aragaki Ayase > Nazuna > Sakura Kiyomi
Results: Aragaki Ayase > Nazuna > Sakura Kiyomi

Yay for Ayase. Hidasketch is strong, but it knows when not to pick a fight. Nazuna still did fairly well for someone who wasn’t even trying, though.

G-09: Akechi Kokoro vs Yuki Onna vs Elfleda Mirjasdottir
Prediction: Akechi Kokoro > Elfleda Mirjasdottir > Yuki Onna
Results: Akechi Kokoro > Yuki Onna > Elfleda Mirjasdottir

Kokoro dominates as expected (despite the low vote counts). Milky Holmes still has no appeal to me, but watching characters that I don’t like win isn’t anything new. Tsurara did better than Effie, which makes sense because Effie is more of a motherly type unlike Tsurara who is just moe.

G-10: Ranka Lee vs Morita Mayu vs Toudou Tsumugi
Prediction: Toudou Tsumugi > Ranka Lee > Morita Mayu
Results: Toudou Tsumugi > Ranka Lee > Morita Mayu

Nothing much to say here. I still haven’t watched HoshiKaka (despite having all of the lyrics up) so I can’t comment much on their characters. Ranka was only 15 votes behind which is really nice since I wasn’t expecting her to win anyway. Unfortunately even Mayu was only 12 votes behind Ranka… oh well, at least her performance was better than Sheryl’s.

G-11: Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois vs Charlotte E Yeager vs Yoshinoya-sensei
Prediction: Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois > Charlotte E Yeager > Yoshinoya-sensei
Results: Charlotte E Yeager > Yoshinoya-sensei > Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois

Wow, even Yoshinoya did better than Leo. Dog Days isn’t putting forward its best effort anymore thanks to Millhi’s loss. On the other hand, Strike Witches is still going strong despite always having infavourable airing dates.

G-12: Tainaka Ritsu vs Sakura Kyouko vs Sorami Kanata
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko > Tainaka Ritsu > Sorami Kanata
Results: Sakura Kyouko > Tainaka Ritsu > Sorami Kanata

K-ON! does miserably once more and Kyouko is able to destroy everything in her path. Kanata was just there for show.



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