Saimoe 2011: Block H Predictions (Round 1)

16 09 2011











Round 1 is finally coming to a close.

September 16, 2011:

H-01: Nakagawa Kanon vs Ookami Ryouko vs Nyaruko
Personal Preference: Nyaruko > Ookami Ryouko > Nakagawa Kanon
Prediction: Nakagawa Kanon > Ookami Ryouko > Nyaruko

Kanon is cute, sings well, and has a decent following, so this should be an easy win for her. Ookami-san is fairly weak and Ryouko shouldn’t be their best character. Nyaruani is just obscure.

H-05: Marui Hitoha vs Sangou Shizuku vs Celty Sturluson
Personal Preference: Marui Hitoha > Sangou Shizuku > Celty Sturluson
Prediction: Marui Hitoha > Sangou Shizuku > Celty Sturluson

Mitsudomoe was weak in Block G, but Hitoha is their ace and made it through the first preliminaries unlike Shizuku and Celty. Shizuku should take second place since Durarara!! isn’t a moe show and Celty doesn’t give off any immediate moe vibes.

H-09: Tokugawa Sen vs Yamanaka Sawako vs Miyako
Personal Preference: Miyako > Yamanaka Sawako > Tokugawa Sen
Prediction: Miyako > Yamanaka Sawako > Tokugawa Sen

Miyako gets an easy match just like Yuno did. I have extremely low expectations from K-ON! but Sawako should at least beat Sen since more people are familiar with her show. But with this, all of the K-ON! girls will have been eliminated.

September 17, 2011:

H-02: Agnese Sanctis vs Migiwa Kazuha vs Fuyukawa Kurusu
Personal Preference: Agnese Sanctis > Migiwa Kauzha > Fuyukawa Kurusu
Prediction: Agnese Sanctis > Migiwa Kazuha > Fuyukawa Kurusu

Weak match. Agnese should win just because Index+KugiRie. Between Kazuha and Kurusu it could go either way. Combo votes with Asuna in H-10 should make no difference at all, while Kazuha has the advantage of being on the same day as Akira.

H-06: Lala Satalin Deviluke vs Haruna vs Amatsume Akira
Personal Preference: Lala Satalin Deviluke > Haruna > Amatsume Akira
Prediction: Lala Satalin Deviluke > Haruna > Amatsume Akira

KoreZom is weak. Any Yosuga character that is not Sora is weak. At this point I’m not really sure how Akira got in through the first preliminaries. Akira will get bonus votes from being on the same day as Kazuha, but it shouldn’t amount to much because they have a small fanbase anyways.

H-10: Harukaze Asuna vs Shimada Hazuki vs Shirai Kuroko
Personal Preference: Shirai Kuroko > Shimada Hazuki > Harukaze Asuna
Prediction: Shirai Kuroko > Shimada Hazuki > Harukaze Asuna

I don’t think Hazuki is strong enough to beat Kuroko even if she’s from BakaTest, since she’s a fairly minor character anyway. Asuna isn’t going to do well either, even with help from Kurusu.

September 18, 2011:

H-03: Orsolas Aquinas vs Shinonono Houki vs Sanada Yukimura
Personal Preference: Sanada Yukimura > Shinonono Houki > Orsolas Aquinas
Prediction: Shinonono Houki > Sanada Yukimura > Orsolas Aquinas

Another uninteresting match, not because all three are weak but because one of them has such a clear advantage. Houki will have no problem dominating this match. Putting Yukimura as second place because Index is getting weak and Orsolas doesn’t seem popular anyway.

H-07: Ikaros vs Shiina vs Hiramatsu Taeko
Personal Preference: Shiina > Ikaros > Hiramatsu Taeko
Prediction: Ikaros > Shiina > Hiramatsu Taeko

SoraOto. Shiina and Taeko are both minor characters, so there’s no way they can stand a chance against Ikaros. I’d be extremely surprised to see Taeko get more than 70 votes, seeing as how the KoreZom faction is just dead.

H-11: Sherlock Shellingford vs Kuroneko vs Nakatsugawa Ui
Personal Preference: Kuroneko > Sherlock Shellingford
Prediction: Kuroneko > Sherlock Shellingford > Nakatsugawa Ui

This is it; the second biggest match of the round after Homura vs Mikoto. One of Oreimo’s top 2 against the main character of Milky Holmes. It’ll be a close faction battle, but I think Kuroneko will win. She topped her preliminary group, whereas Sherlock only got third place in hers (lost to Kyouko and Aria). Ui being there is basically the RNG looking for a character that will stay as out of the way as possible.

September 19, 2011:

H-04: Henriette Mystere vs Aizawa Eiko vs Kanzaki H. Aria
Personal Preference: Aizawa Eiko > Kanzaki H. Aria > Henriette Mystere
Prediction: Kanzaki H. Aria > Henriette Mystere > Aizawa Eiko

After seeing Shirayuki’s win against Nako, there is no way that Aria will lose to Henriette. I don’t think it’ll be close at all. My vote only goes to Eiko because Aria is annoying and I don’t like any of the Milky Holmes characters.

H-08: Kan’u vs Touhara Asuha vs Yin
Personal Preference: Touhara Asuha > Kan’u > Yin
Prediction: Touhara Asuha > Yin > Kan’u

Yin and Kan’u aren’t particularly strong so Asuha will join Lotte in Round 2. Koihime Musou is kind of dying off now, but Yin still has her fans.

H-12: Myoudouin Itsuki vs Perrine-H. Clostermann vs Akagi Sena
Personal Preference: Perrine-H. Clostermann > Akagi Sena
Prediction: Perrine-H. Clostermann > Akagi Sena > Myoudouin Itsuki

As amusing as it would be to have Sena advance and go against Kuroneko, it’d be far too risky having a direct match between Kuroneko and Kuroko. Either way, Strike Witches is pretty strong so Perrine will win here, and there’ll be a nice Index-Oreimo-SW match set up for Round 2.




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