Saimoe 2011: Block H Results (Round 1)

20 09 2011













Somewhat late because apparently schoolwork is supposed to be a higher priority than saimoe. Who knew.

Block H Results (with votes in italic):

H-01: Nakagawa Kanon vs Ookami Ryouko vs Nyaruko
Prediction: Nakagawa Kanon > Ookami Ryouko > Nyaruko
Results: Nakagawa Kanon > Nyaruko > Ookami Ryouko

Strong performance by Kanon. Kaminomi had a bit of a rough start, but in the end they won all of the important matches. Man, even Nyaruko did better than Ryouko… Ookami-san is weak, but they aren’t supposed to be that weak.

H-02: Agnese Sanctis vs Migiwa Kazuha vs Fuyukawa Kurusu
Prediction: Agnese Sanctis > Migiwa Kazuha > Fuyukawa Kurusu
Results: Agnese Sanctis > Migiwa Kazuha > Fuyukawa Kurusu

Not much to say here. A weak group, so Index takes another win. Kazuha came surprisingly close, but I guess it was just because Akira was on the same day. Miserable performance from Softenni, but Kurusu isn’t particularly moe to begin with.

H-03: Orsola Aquinas vs Shinonono Houki vs Sanada Yukimura
Prediction: Shinonono Houki > Sanada Yukimura > Orsola Aquinas
Results: Shinonono Houki > Orsola Aquinas > Sanada Yukimura

Big numbers in this match since it was on the same day as Sherl vs Kuroneko. A solid victory for Houki; I guess Yukimura can’t beat the Index faction after all despite being voiced by KugiRie (I doubt Orsola got any assistance from Kuroko).

H-04: Henriette Mystere vs Aizawa Eiko vs Kanzaki H. Aria
Prediction: Kanzaki H. Aria > Henriette Mystere > Aizawa Eiko
Results: Kanzaki H. Aria > Henriette Mystere > Aizawa Eiko

Amusing Holmes match has a predictable outcome. Milky Holmes is strong, but Henriette definitely can’t put up much of a fight against Aria, who’ll cruise her way to Round 3.

H-05: Marui Hitoha vs Sangou Shizuku vs Celty Sturluson
Prediction: Marui Hitoha > Sangou Shizuku > Celty Sturluson
Results: Marui Hitoha > Sangou Shizuku > Celty Sturluson

It ended up being a really close match between Hitoha and Shizuku even though Hitoha made the first cut in preliminaries and Shizuku did not. Hitoha was the only reason why I even watched Mitsudomoe so I’m glad she won.

H-06: Lala Satalin Deviluke vs Haruna vs Amatsume Akira
Prediction: Lala Satalin Deviluke > Amatsume Akira > Haruna
Results: Haruna > Amatsume Akira > Lala Satalin Deviluke

orz this went completely different than expected. KoreZom puts its last efforts into Haruna, and she ends up doing better than Sera and even Eu. Block votes with Kazuha were enough for Akira to do way better than Lala, who couldn’t even get 100 votes despite being the main character of her series.

H-07: Ikaros vs Shiina vs Hiramatsu Taeko
Prediction: Ikaros > Shiina > Hiramatsu Taeko
Results: Ikaros > Shiina > Hiramatsu Taeko

Like Houki, Ikaros also benefits from the Sherl-Kuroneko match and ends up with a boosted vote count. Taeko ended up doing fairly well, and wasn’t too far behind Shiina.

H-08: Kan’u vs Touhara Asuha vs Yin
Prediction: Touhara Asuha > Yin > Kan’u
Results: Touhara Asuha > Yin > Kan’u

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Asuha joins her best friend in Round 2; perhaps they will meet at some point (not likely). Koihime Musou has really weakened over the years, but it’s not that surprising because the series has been getting progressively worse.

H-09: Tokugawa Sen vs Yamanaka Sawako vs Miyako
Prediction: Miyako > Yamanaka Sawako > Tokugawa Sen
Results: Miyako > Yamanaka Sawako > Tokugawa Sen

Miyako! \o/
Hidasketch still going strong; K-ON! proves its weakness by beating Sen by a mere one vote……

H-10: Harukaze Asuna vs Shimada Hazuki vs Shirai Kuroko
Prediction: Shirai Kuroko > Shimada Hazuki > Harukaze Asuna
Results: Shirai Kuroko > Shimada Hazuki > Harukaze Asuna

All as expected. BakaTest may be fairly strong, but Hazuki is still too insignificant to compete with Kuroko. Asuna got no help from Kurusu.

H-11: Sherlock Shellingford vs Kuroneko vs Nakatsugawa Ui
Prediction: Kuroneko > Sherlock Shellingford > Nakatsugawa Ui
Results: Kuroneko > Sherlock Shellingford > Nakatsugawa Ui

It was a rough match, but Kuroneko won with room to spare. The Oreimo faction seems to be one of the more organized ones, prioritizing its top players. Poor Ui, she ended up just like Sara in A-05.

H-12: Myoudouin Itsuki vs Perrine-H. Clostermann vs Akagi Sena
Prediction: Perrine-H. Clostermann > Akagi Sena > Myoudouin Itsuki
Results: Perrine-H. Clostermann > Myoudouin Itsuki > Akagi Sena

Strike Witches continues to have a very consistent performance, winning most of its matches. Sena appears to have gotten zero support from the Oreimo faction (for obvious reasons) and did even worse than Itsuki. I want to watch Precure but it’s so long and it’ll take me forever ._.




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