Saimoe 2011: Block A/B Predictions (Round 2)

21 09 2011







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September 21, 2011:

A2-1: Hagimura Suzu vs Astraea vs Victorique de Blois
Personal Preference: Victorique de Blois > Astraea > Hagimura Suzu
Prediction: Victorique de Blois > Astraea > Hagimura Suzu

Victorique should be able to win this one even though Astraea and Suzu are both fairly strong. SYD doesn’t have much of a lasting impact so I don’t expect Suzu to do well in this match. SoraOto is strong but Astraea falls behind Nymph and Ikaros in terms of popularity.

B2-1: Shijima Sui vs Gertrud Barkhorn vs Mifune Ryuuko
Personal Preference: Gertrud Barkhorn > Mifune Ryuuko > Shijima Sui
Prediction: Mifune Ryuuko > Gertrud Barkhorn > Shijima Sui

Strike Witches is a solid faction but Gertrud doesn’t have many fans. On the other hand, Ryuuko is fairly popular and the Denpa Onna faction can have their revenge for poor Erio. It’s still a wonder that Sui even made it to Round 2.

September 22, 2011:

A2-2: Chaos vs Misaka Mikoto vs Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Personal Preference: Misaka Mikoto > Toyotomi Hideyoshi > Chaos
Prediction: Misaka Mikoto > Chaos > Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Easy, easy win for Mikoto, especially since she’s coming from her victory against Homura. Sengoku Otome seemed to be a one-time victory and after watching the show I still don’t expect Hideyoshi to do too well, but she might be able to take second place since Chaos isn’t particularly strong either.

B2-2: Tenshi vs Ayatsuji Tsukasa vs Merry Nightmare
Personal Preference: Tenshi > Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Merry Nightmare
Prediction: Tenshi > Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Merry Nightmare

I think it’ll be a tough match between Tenshi and Tsukasa. Tenshi should theoretically be stronger, but Tsukasa has the benefit of being from a more recent show. On the other hand, even if Tsukasa loses here, there’s still a few more Amagami girls to support. Either way I think Tenshi will win. Merry only won her match because she was in a weak group; her show sucked so she’s not going to be much of a factor here.

September 23, 2011:

A2-3: Tachibana Miya vs Makise Kurisu vs Itsuwa
Personal Preference: Makise Kurisu > Tachibana Miya > Itsuwa
Prediction: Makise Kurisu > Itsuwa > Tachibana Miya

I really hope Kurisu wins this. Steins;Gate was an amazing show and Kurisu was great. Itsuwa’s Round 1 vote count was inflated by the Mikoto match on the same day, so she shouldn’t be capable of doing that well normally. Between her and Miya it could go either way.

B2-3: Huang Pao-Lin vs Erica Hartmann vs Huang Ling Yin
Personal Preference: Huang Ling Yin > Erica Hartmann
Prediction: Huang Ling Yin > Erica Hartmann > Huang Pao-Lin

Hahaha two Huangs; what are the chances. This one is between IS and Strike Witches. Erica and Ling Yin are both strong. I’m going with Ling Yin for the victory just IS seems to have more power than Strike Witches. It should be an interesting battle.

September 24, 2011:

A2-4: Himeji Mizuki vs Tooru vs Astarotte Ygvar
Personal Preference: Astarotte Ygvar > Tooru > Himeji Mizuki
Prediction: Astarotte Ygvar > Tooru > Himeji Mizuki

The main characters from three decently strong factions. A-Channel has proved its worth with Yuuko beating Shana, but BakaTest seems to be slipping. Lotte and Asuha were both in weak matches, so this will be a chance for the Lotte faction to show what they can really do.

B2-4: Amane Suzuha vs Tsuchiura Iroha vs Aioi Yuuko
Personal Preference: Amane Suzuha > Tsuchiura Iroha > Aioi Yuuko
Prediction: Aioi Yuuko > Amane Suzuha > Tsuchiura Iroha

Steins;Gate was great but Suzuha didn’t have much of a presence near the end of the show, which is what makes the biggest impression on voters. On the other hand, Yukko’s strength is unlikely to have changed at all. Iroha won her match by a very narrow margin so I doubt she’ll stand a chance here.




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