Saimoe 2011: Block A/B Results (Round 2)

25 09 2011






My poor tagcloud…

Block A Results (with votes in italic):

A2-1: Hagimura Suzu vs Astraea vs Victorique de Blois
Prediction: Victorique de Blois > Astraea > Hagimura Suzu
Results: Victorique de Blois > Astraea > Hagimura Suzu

An easy win for Victorique as expected. Her vote count was still a bit low though, which is concerning because at this rate she definitely won’t be beating Mikoto in Round 3.
Astraea put in some effort but she didn’t have a chance of winning to begin with. Suzu was kind of just there, and didn’t make the 100 vote mark.

A2-2: Chaos vs Misaka Mikoto vs Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Prediction: Misaka Mikoto > Chaos > Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Results: Misaka Mikoto > Toyotomi Hideyoshi > Chaos

Mikoto destroys everything in her path. Her match was easier than Victorique’s, but that doesn’t make up for the huge difference in votes. Everyone was shocked at Homura’s loss, but at this point it’s clear that Mikoto is near unstoppable.
Hideyoshi did better than I thought, and she is pretty cute so I guess it’s okay (I watched Sengoku Otome just for this match…). Chaos did really poorly, but she isn’t that popular so I guess it makes sense.

A2-3: Tachibana Miya vs Makise Kurisu vs Itsuwa
Prediction: Makise Kurisu > Itsuwa > Tachibana Miya
Results: Makise Kurisu > Tachibana Miya > Itsuwa

Yay for Kurisu. Steins;Gate’s ending really boosted her strength a lot. She might even make it to the block finals. On the other hand, Itsuwa did terribly; it’s along the lines of what I thought her strength would be in Round 1. Looks like all of her votes really did come from Mikoto being on the same day. Miya did pretty well. Amagami doesn’t have a big dedicated fanbase but they don’t have any haters either.

A2-4: Himeji Mizuki vs Tooru vs Astarotte Ygvar
Prediction: Astarotte Ygvar > Tooru > Himeji Mizuki
Results: Astarotte Ygvar > Tooru = Himeji Mizuki

Lotte wins as expected. KugiRie fans took a huge hit when Shana lost, so I guess they’ll try to make up for it with Lotte and Aria. Anti-voters couldn’t decide between Tooru and Mizuki, so it ended up as a rare tie. w

Block B Results (with votes in italic):

B2-1: Shijima Sui vs Gertrud Barkhorn vs Mifune Ryuuko
Prediction: Mifune Ryuuko > Gertrud Barkhorn > Shijima Sui
Results: Gertrud Barkhorn > Mifune Ryuuko > Shijima Sui

Strike Witches continues to exceed my expectations. I assumed it’d be a fairly easy win for Ryuuko since Gertrud isn’t that popular, but I guess the Denpa Onna faction just gave up after Erio. Looks like Maekawa will be losing her match as well. Ryuuko did put up a good fight though; she was only 8 votes away. Sui lost but still did better than Suzu and Chaos.

B2-2: Tenshi vs Ayatsuji Tsukasa vs Merry Nightmare
Prediction: Tenshi > Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Merry Nightmare
Results: Tenshi > Ayatsuji Tsukasa > Merry Nightmare

It looked really close between Tenshi and Tsukasa at first and I thought Tsukasa was going to win, but after the fake votes were removed, Tenshi had a clear victory. Well, I would’ve been fine with Tsukasa winning too. Merry didn’t do that great, and this will likely be her only saimoe appearance.

B2-3: Huang Pao-Lin vs Erica Hartmann vs Huang Ling Yin
Prediction: Huang Ling Yin > Erica Hartmann > Huang Pao-Lin
Results: Erica Hartmann > Huang Ling Yin > Huang Pao-Lin

Noooo, Ling Yin lost by just 3 votes. There goes my favourite IS girl. ):
Strike Witches is strong. I like Erica so I guess these results aren’t too bad. Pao-Lin was weak as expected; she only made it to Round 2 because her Round 1 opponents were even weaker. I started T&B and she’s alright, but even after her little spotlight she still doesn’t have that much appeal to me. Then again I’m only on episode 9.
There’s potential for a Strike Witches block final now…

B2-4: Amane Suzuha vs Tsuchiura Iroha vs Aioi Yuuko
Prediction: Aioi Yuuko > Amane Suzuha > Tsuchiura Iroha
Results: Amane Suzuha > Aioi Yuuko > Tsuchiura Iroha

Another fairly close match; Yukko was 20 votes behind. Steins;Gate really is doing well, but I don’t think Suzuha is going to get past Erica. Originally it looked like Iroha was in second place and I was so scared because that would make my prediction so horribly wrong but after the fakes were removed she dropped down to a much more reasonable number.



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