Saimoe 2011: Block C/D Predictions (Round 2)

25 09 2011







Boring matches are boring.

September 25, 2011:

C2-1: Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims vs Isurugi Mio vs Kaname Madoka
Personal Preference: Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims > Kaname Madoka > Isurugi Mio
Prediction: Kaname Madoka > Isurugi Mio > Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims

Easy, easy match for Madoka, who’s going to just cruise her way to the block finals. Mio did well in her match, beating Hanairo, so she should take second place. She’s not going to get anywhere near Madoka though. Ini-chan is cute but a lost cause. The Lotte faction only needs Lotte and Asuha, anyway.

D2-1: Yuzurizaki Nero vs Maekawa-san vs Ritos Tortilla
Personal Preference: Maekawa-san > Ritos Tortilla > Yuzurizaki Nero
Prediction: Yuzurizaki Nero > Maekawa-san > Ritos Tortilla

Fairly weak match. Nero’s first match was pretty bad, but Milky Holmes is fairly strong so they should be able to keep her in the tournament. Maekawa did better, beating Manami, but the Denpa Onna faction is dead, as proven by Ryuuko’s loss. Ritos and Campanella in general are just weak.

September 26, 2011:

C2-2: Laura Bodewig vs Eclair Martinozzi vs Hercule Barton
Personal Preference: Laura Bodewig > Eclair Martinozzi > Hercule Barton
Prediction: Laura Bodewig > Hercule Barton > Eclair Martinozzi

IS faction needs to be careful now that they’ve already lost Ling Yin. Laura is also fairly popular so she should be fine. Her twintails areIt’ll be a rough match between her and Elly though. Milky Holmes is still a strong faction, even if their prospects don’t look so good in this block. Dog Days died with Millhi, so Eclair will take last place.

D2-2: Ika Musume vs Tougi Shiro vs Kotegawa Yui
Personal Preference: Ika Musume > Tougi Shiro > Kotegawa Yui
Prediction: Ika Musume > Kotegawa Yui > Tougi Shiro

Ika is going strong, and getting a second season too. On the other hand, TLR is weakening and Fortune Arterial was always low-mid strength. Anyway, this match will just consist of watching Ika destroy everything.

September 27, 2011:

C2-3: Arashiyama Hotori vs Sanya V. Litvyak vs Elucia de Lute Ima
Personal Preference: Elucia de Lute Ima > Sanya V. Litvyak > Arashiyama Hotori
Prediction: Elucia de Lute Ima > Sanya V. Litvyak > Arashiyama Hotori

Elsie has a tough match against one of Strike Witches’ top girls. Between the two it could go either way, but I hope Elsie wins. I like Sanya but Strike Witches already has plenty of characters to work with. Like Lotte/Oreimo, Kaminomi has two girls it needs to bring forward, and I think they’re strong enough to pull it off.
Hotori needs to disappear.

D2-3: Tachibana Isana vs Takanashi Nao vs Last Order
Personal Preference: Last Order > Tachibana Isana > Takanashi Nao
Prediction: Last Order > Takanashi Nao > Tachibana Isana

Last Order will follow in Mikoto’s footsteps. There’ll be less destruction, but it’ll be there. Iroha faltered in her match so it’s not looking good for Nao. But Yumekui Merry is even weaker so it’ll be Isana taking last place.

September 28, 2011:

C2-4: Honma Meiko vs Run vs Koumoto Madoka
Personal Preference: Honma Meiko > Koumoto Madoka > Run
Prediction: Run > Honma Meiko > Koumoto Madoka

A-Channel can’t be underestimated anymore thanks to Yuuko. Run is also pretty strong and had no problem at all in her first match. Her opponents were weak, but so were Menma’s, and Menma struggled a bit against Kaoru. Hoshikaka is definitely weaker than Ano Hana so Madoka will come in last place (I think she’d be my favourite character from that show though, from the 3 episodes I’ve watched).

D2-4: Stocking vs Zenigata Tsugiko vs Yuno
Personal Preference: Stocking > Yuno > Zenigata Tsugiko
Prediction: Yuno > Stocking > Zenigata Tsugiko

Easy win for Yuno, just like in Round 1. Her Round 3 opponent will likely be weak as well. Stocking and Tsugiko are both weak, but Tsugiko looks even weaker since she’s a minor character.
Overall Block D is pretty bland; the only powerhouses are Ika Musume and Yuno who don’t have any challenging matches at all.




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