Saimoe 2011: Block E/F Predictions (Round 2)

30 09 2011







Nymph ):

September 30, 2011:

E2-1: Uiharu Kazari vs Saten Ruiko vs Miki Sayaka
Personal Preference: Saten Ruiko > Uiharu Kazari > Miki Sayaka
Prediction: Miki Sayaka > Uiharu Kazari > Saten Ruiko

MadoMagi faction did a good job here, setting up an extremely easy win for Sayaka. It would’ve been easy either way, but a Railgun split vote is just overkill. And as if there wasn’t already enough mass destruction, Mami’s match is on the same day. Predicting Uiharu over Saten-san because Uiharu actually appeared in Index II.

F2-1: Yuuki Mikan vs Nymph vs Tomoe Mami
Personal Preference: Nymph > Yuuki Mikan > Tomoe Mami
Prediction: Tomoe Mami > Nymph > Yuuki Mikan

Nymph is arguably the strongest SoraOto character and Mikan is the strongest TLR character. Sadly, even though they’re both great, they’re up against one of MadoMagi’s top characters and it’s on the same day as Sayaka so they stand no chance. ):

October 1, 2011:

E2-2: Shimada Minami vs Charlotte Dunois vs Mitsuki Sohara
Personal Preference: Charlotte Dunois > Mitsuki Sohara > Shimada Minami
Prediction: Charlotte Dunois > Shimada Minami > Mitsuki Sohara

This is IS’ chance to make up for Ling Yin and Laura’s losses. Minami struggled a bit against Yui and BakaTest shouldn’t be that strong anyway. Sohara is one of the weaker SoraOto girls so as long as IS doesn’t screw up, it should be Charlotte’s win.

F2-2: Hiro vs Yuuno Arashiko vs Miyafuji Yoshika
Personal Preference: Hiro > Miyafuji Yoshika > Yuuno Arashiko
Prediction: Miyafuji Yoshika > Hiro > Yuuno Arashiko

Even with Sanya’s loss, Strike Witches is still going strong so it should be an easy win for Yoshika. Between Hiro and Arashiko it could go either way; Hidasketch and MM! don’t seem to be that far away in terms of strength this year.

October 2, 2011:

E2-3: Takahara Ayumi vs Nohohon-san vs Yukikaze Panettone
Personal Preference: Yukikaze Panettone > Takahara Ayumi > Nohohon-san
Prediction: Takahara Ayumi > Yukikaze Panettone > Nohohon-san

This one is really hard to predict because all of the characters are low-mid tier. Ayumi should win because she seems to have a lot of fans among manga readers, but between Yukikaze and Nohohon-san I have no idea. Both of them are minor characters, but Yukikaze has more presence. On the other hand, the IS faction is stronger than the now non-existent Dog Days faction, but at the same time I don’t know if IS will bother supporting Nohohon-san.

F2-3: Shinonome Nano vs Nori vs Yuuko
Personal Preference: Yuuko > Nori > Shinonome Nano
Prediction: Yuuko > Shinonome Nano > Nori

Should be an easy win for Yuuko, even with the backlash from Shana fans. I like Yuuko a lot so I’ll still be supporting her throughout the tournament. Shana will be back next year. Nano is one of Nichijou’s strongest characters, but that doesn’t mean much because the show is weak to begin with. Hidasketch is decently strong but Nori is pretty weak.

October 3, 2011:

E2-4: Hasegawa Hirano vs Matsumae Ohana vs Haqua du Lot Herminium
Personal Preference: Haqua du Lot Herminium > Matsumae Ohana > Hasegawa Hirano
Prediction: Matsumae Ohana > Haqua du Lot Herminium > Hasegawa Hirano

One of the bigger Round 2 matches; Hanairo’s last hope vs one of Kaminomi’s two aces. Hanairo may have been getting weaker, but Ohana is definitely really strong. It’ll be a close one, but I don’t think Haqua will be able to join Elsie in Round 3. Once again, Milky Holmes should know better than to bother getting involved.

F2-4: Asaka Hinata vs Hotogi Shirayuki vs Cecilia Alcott
Personal Preference: Cecilia Alcott > Hotogi Shirayuki
Prediction: Hotogi Shirayuki > Cecilia Alcott > Asaka Hinata

Hidan no Aria and IS are about equal in strength. Personally I find Shirayuki really annoying but she was strong enough to beat Nako, who won her preliminary group, so she should be strong enough to beat Cecilia, a less popular IS girl, as well. Hinata gave everyone a scare last round, but I don’t think she’s actually strong enough to stand a chance.




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