Saimoe 2011: Block E/F Results (Round 2)

4 10 2011







MadoMagi + Kaminomi, how does it work.

Block E Results (with votes in italic):

E2-1: Uiharu Kazari vs Saten Ruiko vs Miki Sayaka
Prediction: Miki Sayaka > Uiharu Kazari > Saten Ruiko
Results: Miki Sayaka > Uiharu Kazari > Saten Ruiko

Railgun had a split, but even without that they wouldn’t have gotten close to Sayaka, whose combo with Mami was enough to push both of them over 500 votes. Looks like MadoMagi is really powering up (though it’s too bad that Homura can’t join in). As expected, Uiharu got most of the Railgun votes, which I’m assuming is because she actually appeared in Index II. Saten-san still got a fair amount of votes though.

E2-2: Shimada Minami vs Charlotte Dunois vs Mitsuki Sohara
Prediction: Charlotte Dunois > Shimada Minami > Mitsuki Sohara
Results: Charlotte Dunois > Shimada Minami > Mitsuki Sohara

BakaTest hasn’t given up yet, but they still didn’t manage to beat Charlotte. On the other hand, IS isn’t as strong as they need to be, seeing how close Minami got. Not looking good for Charlotte in Round 3 against Sayaka.
Poor Sohara got left behind.

E2-3: Takahara Ayumi vs Nohohon-san vs Yukikaze Panettone
Prediction: Takahara Ayumi > Yukikaze Panettone > Nohohon-san
Results: Takahara Ayumi > Nohohon-san > Yukikaze Panettone

Ayumi won as expected, but it ended up being really close between her and Nohohon. IS faction is scary stuff. Yukikaze also did pretty well for a dead faction, so good for her. I’m not much of an Ayumi fan, but whatever, this result is fine.

E2-4: Hasegawa Hirano vs Matsumae Ohana vs Haqua du Lot Herminium
Prediction: Matsumae Ohana > Haqua du Lot Herminium > Hasegawa Hirano
Results: Haqua du Lot Herminium > Matsumae Ohana > Hasegawa Hirano

Yay, Haqua! Close battle, with Milky Holmes totally staying out of the way. I guess Kaminomi still has enough strength to defeat Hanairo’s last chance. Anyway, now we’ve got a one-sided same-series match for Round 3. Looks like Haqua will make the block finals after all.

Block F Results (with votes in italic):

F2-1: Yuuki Mikan vs Nymph vs Tomoe Mami
Prediction: Tomoe Mami > Nymph > Yuuki Mikan
Results: Tomoe Mami > Nymph > Yuuki Mikan

Nymph tried her best, but only barely reached half of Mami’s votes (by 0.5) even though Mikan didn’t interfere much. Perhaps it would’ve been closer if Sayaka wasn’t on the same day, but with winning margins like this I doubt it. Luckily they’re on different days for Round 3 so we don’t have to see it happen all over again.

F2-2: Hiro vs Yuuno Arashiko vs Miyafuji Yoshika
Prediction: Miyafuji Yoshika > Hiro > Yuuno Arashiko
Results: Miyafuji Yoshika > Yuuno Arashiko > Hiro

Simple, straight-forward win for Yoshika. Like Charlotte, she’s not going to stand a chance against MadoMagi next round either.
It ended up being Arashiko in second place, and in retrospect I should’ve seen it coming since Hidasketch girls outside of Yuno and Miya don’t do so well. Still kinda surprised though, since I found Arashiko really annoying.

F2-3: Shinonome Nano vs Nori vs Yuuko
Prediction: Yuuko > Shinonome Nano > Nori
Results: Yuuko > Shinonome Nano > Nori

Nano tried her best, but A-Channel is fairly strong and Yuuko beat Shana of all things. Even with hate votes, she still won by a decent margin (I mourn for Shana but Yuuko is still my favourite A-Channel girl). Nori isn’t really popular at all so her poor performance isn’t surprising.

F2-4: Asaka Hinata vs Hotogi Shirayuki vs Cecilia Alcott
Prediction: Hotogi Shirayuki > Cecilia Alcott > Asaka Hinata
Results: Hotogi Shirayuki > Cecilia Alcott > Asaka Hinata

Another IS girl falls, this time to one of the most annoying characters ever. It was close, but in the end IS has to rely on Charlotte (and maybe Houki). Hinata’s Round 1 win really was a fluke, and she totally didn’t stand a chance this time.
Getting this prediction right totally makes up for screwing up E2-4’s. w




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