Saimoe 2011: Block G/H Predictions (Round 2)

4 10 2011







Almost forgot there was no break today.

October 4, 2011:

G2-1: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen vs Index vs Kousaka Kirino
Personal Preference: Kousaka Kirino > Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen > Index
Prediction: Kousaka Kirino > Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen > Index

This’ll be an interesting fight. The Oreimo fanbase is pretty solid so I’m expecting Kirino to win, especially since Strike Witches already has so many girls through to Round 3. Index is the main character of her show but something tells me she’s going to lose this one, simply because the Index faction is weak this year. Even the block votes with Agnese shouldn’t save her.

H2-1: Nakagawa Kanon vs Agnese Sanctis vs Shinonono Houki
Personal Preference: Shinonono Houki > Nakagawa Kanon > Agnese Sanctis
Prediction: Shinonono Houki > Nakagawa Kanon > Agnese Sanctis

Kaminomi’s had pretty mediocre performance outside of Elsie and Haqua so Kanon shouldn’t be strong enough to beat Houki (i.e. supposedly main IS girl). Agnese will get a boost from Index being on the same day but it shouldn’t amount to much.

October 5, 2011:

G2-2: Morishima L. Haruka vs Ayuzawa Misaki vs Yui
Personal Preference: Morishima L. Haruka > Ayuzawa Misaki > Yui
Prediction: Morishima L. Haruka > Yui > Ayuzawa Misaki

Misaki is out of the question here, so it’s down to Haruka and Yui. Amagami has been doing decently, but has lost all of its matches so far. On the other hand, Tenshi outright beat Tsukasa. It would seem that Yui has the advantage here, but I think Haruka has a pretty good chance of winning so I’ll go with her as my prediction, somewhat on a whim. Yui isn’t nearly as strong as Tenshi, and Haruka is one of the more popular Amagami girls.

H2-2: Kanzaki H. Aria vs Marui Hitoha vs Haruna
Personal Preference: Marui Hitoha > Kanzaki H. Aria > Haruna
Prediction: Kanzaki H. Aria > Haruna > Marui Hitoha

Hitoha and Haruna are both weak, so Aria will destroy them both. Between Hitoha and Haruna it’s hard to tell who will win, but I think KoreZom is more popular than Mitsudomoe. Just a guess.

October 6, 2011:

G2-3: Sakurai Rihoko vs Aragaki Ayase vs Akechi Kokoro
Personal Preference: Aragaki Ayase > Sakurai Rihoko > Akechi Kokoro
Prediction: Akechi Kokoro > Aragaki Ayase > Sakurai Rihoko

Rihoko is somewhat weak so she doesn’t stand a chance against Milky Holmes and Oreimo. Kokoro is Milky Holmes’ last chance, so naturally they’re betting everything on her. On the other hand, Ayase isn’t necessary for Oreimo and they still have their two stars left, so it should be an easy win for Kokoro.

H2-3: Ikaros vs Touhara Asuha vs Miyako
Personal Preference: Miyako > Touhara Asuha > Ikaros
Prediction: Ikaros > Touhara Asuha > Miyako

Between Ikaros and Asuha it’s a tough call. Looking at Round 1 performance, Ikaros seems to have a huge advantage, but her vote count was boosted from the Kuroneko match on the same day. Even so, she still did a lot better than her competition than Asuha did, and their opponents were of roughly the same strength. Also, Ikaros is the last remaining hope for SoraOto whereas the Lotte faction still has, well, Lotte.
Miyako is great but will probably get overlooked here. In the end it’ll be up to Yuno to keep Hidasketch going.

October 7, 2011:

G2-4: Toudou Tsumugi vs Charlotte E Yeager vs Sakura Kyouko
Personal Preference: Sakura Kyouko > Charlotte E Yeager > Toudou Tsumugi
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko > Charlotte E Yeager > Toudou Tsumugi

MadoMagi has proved its numbers with Sayaka and Mami. However, this will be a challenge for Kyouko, especially with assassination attempts. Strike Witches is strong, but they have yet to go up against a Puella Magi. Charlotte isn’t particularly strong, but she’s got Perrine up on the same day to encourage block votes. It’ll either be a Charlotte+Perrine win or a Kyouko+Kuroneko one.
Poor Tsumugi; I wonder if she’ll even reach 30 votes.

H2-4: Shirai Kuroko vs Kuroneko vs Perrine-H. Clostermann
Personal Preference: Kuroneko > Perrine-H. Clostermann > Shirai Kuroko
Prediction: Kuroneko > Perrine-H. Clostermann > Shirai Kuroko

The same things apply here as to the above match. Strike Witches is going to try and take out both Kyouko and Kuroneko. While it seems like an impossible task, other factions might join in (I can definitely see Milky Holmes trying to lighten up Kokoro’s next match). It’ll be tough, but Kuroneko can’t back down here.
Kuroko has the same role as Tsumugi, but she’ll probably at least get a decently fair amount of votes since people actually care about her. Either way it’s an unlucky draw.




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