Saimoe 2011: Block G/H Results (Round 2)

8 10 2011







Round 2 comes to a close.

Block G Results (with votes in italic):

G2-1: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen vs Index vs Kousaka Kirino
Prediction: Kousaka Kirino > Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen > Index
Results: Index > Kousaka Kirino > Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

Wow, Index. Totally didn’t see this coming. Looks like it’ll be a fairly uninteresting Round 3 match between Index and Haruka now. Well, it still would’ve been obvious if Kirino had won, but at least we’d see higher numbers. Poor Kirino was supposed to go farther than this. She might have a lot of haters but IIRC she’s pretty popular in Japan. Strike Witches didn’t show up to save Eila.

G2-2: Morishima L. Haruka vs Ayuzawa Misaki vs Yui
Prediction: Morishima L. Haruka > Yui > Ayuzawa Misaki
Results: Morishima L. Haruka > Yui > Ayuzawa Misaki

I was worried about my prediction, but Haruka pulled through by a mere 2 votes thanks to a really impressive last-minute rush. It wasn’t a very large scale match but Haruka still did a good job beating Yui-nyan. Misaki did fairly decently considering how her show has faded and she was up against two mid-tier factions.

G2-3: Sakurai Rihoko vs Aragaki Ayase vs Akechi Kokoro
Prediction: Akechi Kokoro > Aragaki Ayase > Sakurai Rihoko
Results: Akechi Kokoro > Aragaki Ayase > Sakurai Rihoko

So many people hate Ayase, but I think she’s cute and she was just great in the PSP game. Being voiced by Hayami Saori is a plus, too. On the other hand I find Kokoro annoying like all of the other Milky Holmes girls, but whatever. After Kirino’s loss it would’ve been surprising if Ayase won. Oreimo showed off a lot in Round 1 but now they’re kinda faltering. Rihoko didn’t stand a chance from the beginning, but she still managed to get three digits. Overall, not really an exciting match.

G2-4: Toudou Tsumugi vs Charlotte E Yeager vs Sakura Kyouko
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko > Charlotte E Yeager > Toudou Tsumugi
Results: Sakura Kyouko > Charlotte E Yeager > Toudou Tsumugi

Even with the combo with Perrine, Kyouko just destroyed Charlotte (Tsumugi was doomed either way). MadoMagi is doing really well, but they’ve all got huge targets on their backs now. Well, except for Homura. orz

Block H Results (with votes in italic):

H2-1: Nakagawa Kanon vs Agnese Sanctis vs Shinonono Houki
Prediction: Shinonono Houki > Nakagawa Kanon > Agnese Sanctis
Results: Shinonono Houki > Nakagawa Kanon > Agnese Sanctis

Not much to say here. Houki joins Charlotte in Round 3, Kanon doesn’t quite make it despite her extra screentime in the OVA, and block votes with Index didn’t help Agnese much at all. Houki’s Round 1 votes may have been inflated because of the Sherl vs Kuroneko match, but she’s still pretty strong so it should be an interesting Round 3 match.

H2-2: Kanzaki H. Aria vs Marui Hitoha vs Haruna
Prediction: Kanzaki H. Aria > Haruna > Marui Hitoha
Results: Kanzaki H. Aria > Haruna > Marui Hitoha

Easy win for Aria who hasn’t had any challenges at all so far. KoreZom and Mitsudomoe are both weak, so yeah. That said, Aria’s still got a good chance at making it to the block finals.

H2-3: Ikaros vs Touhara Asuha vs Miyako
Prediction: Ikaros > Touhara Asuha > Miyako
Results: Touhara Asuha > Ikaros > Miyako

Pleasantly surprised since I’m not much of an Ikaros fan and Asuha is cute. Either way, she doesn’t look like she’ll stand a chance against Kuroneko, but for a character like her, Round 2 is a pretty good accomplishment. As expected, Miya-chan didn’t do so well. Hidasketch has to rely on Yuno now.

H2-4: Shirai Kuroko vs Kuroneko vs Perrine-H. Clostermann
Prediction: Kuroneko > Perrine-H. Clostermann > Shirai Kuroko
Results: Kuroneko > Shirai Kuroko > Perrine-H. Clostermann

Wow, despite the Strike Witches combo, both of them did poorly and it ended up being Kuroko challenging Kuroneko instead. This really surprised me since I didn’t think Kuroko was that strong, but oh well. It was pretty scary watching the interim graphs, but Kuroneko pulled through by a fair margin. Oreimo faction needs to take it up a notch, since Kuroneko is their only girl still alive. Luckily Asuha is weak so she’ll at least make it to the block finals, where she’ll be faced with either IS or Aria…




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