Saimoe 2011: Block A-D Predictions (Round 3)

9 10 2011













Round 3 start.

October 9, 2011:

A3-1: Victorique de Blois vs Misaka Mikoto
Prediction: Misaka Mikoto

Mikoto has been doing extremely well, and even Index won against Kirino so Mikoto’s chances are looking really good. I love Victorique but I doubt she’ll win. ):
Well, I like Mikoto a lot too (when she’s not beating Homura) so I guess it’s okay. She’s definitely a worthy block finalist.

B3-2: Erica Hartmann vs Amane Suzuha
Prediction: Erica Hartmann

Erica is one of the stronger strike witches so I think she’ll win. Suzuha is nice and Steins;Gate was amazing, but she lost a bit of focus near the end. It should still be a close battle, but for some reason Suzuha just doesn’t strike me as a character that would make it to the block finals, whereas Erica certainly does.

October 10, 2011:

A3-2: Makise Kurisu vs Astarotte Ygvar
Prediction: Makise Kurisu

I love them both so I’ll be happy with either one of them winning. And as far as predictions go, either one of them could win. I’m going with Kurisu because Steins;Gate was more recent and left an amazing impression even if the ending was a bit dull. On the other hand Astarotte no Omocha! was pretty generic and only had Lotte’s cuteness to remember.

B3-1: Gertrud Barkhorn vs Tenshi
Prediction: Tenshi

It’s a good thing this match isn’t on the same day as Erica’s; Tenshi would have a hard time keeping up with the block votes. Strike Witches may be strong, but I don’t think I’m underestimating Gertrud this time. She only barely beat Ryuuko even though the Denpa Onna faction gave up after Erio, whereas Tenshi totally destroyed Tsukasa. So yeah, Tenshi’s going to win (she’s more moe than Gertrud anyway).

October 11, 2011:

C3-1: Kaname Madoka vs Hercule Barton
Prediction: Kaname Madoka

If MadoMagi loses Madoka, it’s all over. I’m not much of a Madoka fan, but I still like her more than Elly for sure, and I hope she wins. It shouldn’t be too difficult, because Milky Holmes tends to falter and I’m sure they know that they don’t stand a chance against Madoka.

D3-2: Last Order vs Yuno
Prediction: Yuno

Another match that could go either way. Index faction has been impressive, but Last Order doesn’t really seem to get a lot of support. On the other hand, Yuno is Hidasketch’s last and strongest hope. Again, either one of them could win, and the fact that I’m writing this up so far in advance doesn’t help seeing as how it somewhat depends on Mikoto’s performance.

October 12, 2011:

C3-2: Elucia de Lute Ima vs Run
Prediction: Elucia de Lute Ima

A-Channel may be strong, but Yuuko’s performance felt slightly disappointing, even though she did win. On the other hand, Kaminomi has been great, with Elsie beating Sanya and Haqua beating Ohana. Definitely predicting an Elsie win since Run is around the same level as Sanya.

D3-1: Yuzurizaki Nero vs Ika Musume
Prediction: Ika Musume

This is basically a guaranteed win for Ika:
1. New season just started airing
2. Nero gets a lot of hate; weakest of the main Milky Holmes cast
3. Ika was way stronger than Nero to begin with.




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9 10 2011
Shinryaku!? Ika Musume episode 2

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