Saimoe 2011: Block A-D Results (Round 3)

13 10 2011













Looks like the divergence meter is at 0.999992.

Italic for vote, underline for prediction, bold for actual winner.

A3-1: Victorique de Blois vs Misaka Mikoto

Victorique tried her best but she was still no match for Biri, who seems to have kept her first round strength this entire time. I guess in the end Gosick isn’t popular enough to compete with the likes of Index/Railgun, but oh well. Victorique still did well, and Mikoto is fine too. It was also nice to see fairly high vote counts compared to Round 2.

A3-2: Makise Kurisu vs Astarotte Ygvar

Super close match, with Lotte only winning by 10 votes. Looks like Round 3 is going to be really exciting. I’m sad that Kurisu didn’t win, but Steins;Gate seems to be pretty out of luck this year and Lotte is really cute too so I can’t complain. Sadly it’ll probably be a one-sided match between her and Mikoto. Steins;Gate will be back with the movie but I’m not sure how they’ll perform.

B3-1: Gertrud Barkhorn vs Tenshi

Yaaaay Tenshi! Thankfully it wasn’t too close between her and Gertrud, because she’s up against Erica next which can only be even tougher. Hopefully Strike Witches doesn’t try for revenge, because I really want to see Tenshi in the top 8 (not that Erica isn’t moe, though).

B3-2: Erica Hartmann vs Amane Suzuha

Two votes. It doesn’t get much closer than this. Actually I’m pretty surprised since I didn’t think Suzuha was that strong, but either way it doesn’t really matter now. There was a chance for a Strike Witches block final but in the end they lost it and were two votes away from not getting either side. It should be a good fight between Tenshi and Erica.

C3-1: Kaname Madoka vs Hercule Barton

The opposite of the match above: absolute destruction by Madoka. The numbers weren’t that huge, but I’m sure MadoMagi was holding back, especially when they realized how obvious their victory was. Either way Madoka still doubled Elly’s votes, which is pretty damn good. I don’t even like Madoka that much but anything is better than Milky Holmes.

C3-2: Elucia de Lute Ima vs Run

Really close between Elsie and Run, but Elsie pulled through as expected. I’d like to say it’ll be an exciting block final, but judging from these numbers, Elsie stands no chance against Madoka. The match makes for a nice pun though. From the looks of it, it’ll be Elsie and Haqua vs Madoka and Sayaka, which is pretty cool I guess.

D3-1: Yuzurizaki Nero vs Ika Musume

Ika’s domination is even stronger than Madoka’s. To be fair, Nero is weaker than Elly, but really there’s almost no difference. Even with the relatively low vote turnout, Ika still gets more votes than Yuno did, which shows further the difference in strength. It’ll be sad to see Hidasketch go, but Ika-chan definitely deserves her place in the top 8.

D3-2: Last Order vs Yuno

This was another one of those matches where I doubted my prediction while the match actually took place. It looked like a really close match between Last Order and Yuno and the fact that Index/Railgun has been doing so well just made it worse. But in the end, Yuno pulled through by a decently large margin (though it won’t be enough to stand up to Ika Musume). Maybe Madoka voters took the hint and threw some votes to Yuno for the Aoki Ume combo.




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