Saimoe 2011: Block E-H Predictions (Round 3)

13 10 2011












Upsets pending.

October 13, 2011:

E3-1: Miki Sayaka vs Charlotte Dunois
Prediction: Miki Sayaka

MadoMagi has been pretty scary, getting huge numbers for Sayaka and Mami on their combo day. Aside from the Railgun split, there wasn’t much strategy for them in this block, though Haqua’s win may have been their doing. I’m kinda hoping that Sayaka doesn’t win the block final because I’m not really much of a fan of her, but whatever. Anyway, this is bound to be an exciting match since I’m sure IS isn’t giving up yet. Charlotte is their strongest girl and even if she makes it past Sayaka, she’ll be up against Haqua next, but there’s no harm in trying.

F3-2: Yuuko vs Hotogi Shirayuki
Prediction: Hotogi Shirayuki

As I said for Run’s match, Yuuko may have defeated Shana but her win against Nano wasn’t very convincing. Shirayuki on the other hand seems to be getting a lot of support even though she makes me rage so much. Predicting her to win; hopefully Yuuko can make an upset.

October 14, 2011:

E3-2: Takahara Ayumi vs Haqua du Lot Herminium
Prediction: Haqua du Lot Herminium

Free pass for Haqua. I’m sure that even the MadoMagi faction realizes that it’s absolutely impossible to stage an upset here. Haqua had a surprise win over Ohana, and I guess this is a break for her in between two tough matches.

F3-1: Tomoe Mami vs Miyafuji Yoshika
Prediction: Tomoe Mami

MadoMagi is scary and Mami is one of the most popular puella magi, so this should be a breeze for her even against the main strike witch. Actually, Mami should easily be able to cruise her way to winning the block. MadoMagi is definitely the strongest faction right now so even upset attempts will require a ton of coordination.

October 15, 2011:

G3-1: Index vs Morishima L. Haruka
Prediction: Index

Not as high-level of a match as others in this round, but still necessary. Index and Haruka are both cute, but I can’t really see any of them as top 8 material. Block finalists is already pushing it a bit. Haruka is cute, but her series isn’t strong enough. Index has a decent faction, but she’s outshined by other girls from her series. Anyway, the Index faction is obviously stronger than the Amagami one, so Index should win this. Either way none of them are a threat for the block finals so MadoMagi/Milky Holmes probably aren’t going to bother getting involved.

H3-2: Touhara Asuha vs Kuroneko
Prediction: Kuroneko

Asuha is cute, but Kuroneko may just be my favourite character left in the tournament now so she gets all of my support. Lotte did a good job in beating Kurisu, but it was only by 10 votes which indicates that the Lotte faction isn’t particularly strong. On the other hand, Oreimo is strong and Kuroneko is their last chance so they’re definitely going to push her forward as far as they can. I don’t think the IS/Aria factions are organized enough to coordinate an upset.

October 16, 2011:

G3-2: Akechi Kokoro vs Sakura Kyouko
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko

Milky Holmes vs MadoMagi once again. Kokoro is the strongest of the Milky Holmes girls, but I doubt she’ll stand a chance against Kyouko. MadoMagi is just too strong. It’s a good opportunity for an assassination, but I don’t think any of the non-MadoMagi factions are aggressive enough for that this year. I don’t really like Kokoro so I’m not going to complain about a Kyouko win, but it just seems like there’s too many puella magi making it to the block finals. And to make it worse, Homura isn’t even one of them.

H3-1: Shinonono Houki vs Kanzaki H. Aria
Prediction: Shinonono Houki

Really not sure at all who to predict here. Aria seems stronger than Houki in my mind, but when I actually compare their performances Houki looks better. It really could go either way, and I bet it’d be a lot easier to predict this if I had the results for E3-1 and F3-2 to reference. Well, I guess it can’t be helped unless I want to have 875239235923 saimoe posts.




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