Saimoe 2011: Block E-H Results (Round 3)

17 10 2011












Top 16:
4 – Madoka Magica
2 – Index / Kaminomi
1 – Angel Beats! / Hidamari Sketch / Hidan no Aria / Ika Musume / IS / Lotte no Omocha! / Oreimo / Strike Witches

Aside from MadoMagi it’s a decently even spread. But then you realize that all four puella magi are in different blocks so we can end up with a 50% MadoMagi top 8. Fun.

Italic for vote, underline for prediction, bold for actual winner.

E3-1: Miki Sayaka vs Charlotte Dunois

396 is a fairly high number of votes, but still not nearly enough to beat Sayaka, who managed to get the exact same number she did in Round 2: 519. Poor Charlotte is out, and now another block will be taken by the MadoMagi faction. It’s not surprising, but it’ll be kinda boring if there’s 4 puella magi in the top 8. Sadly it doesn’t look like anything can stop them.

E3-2: Takahara Ayumi vs Haqua du Lot Herminium

This match ended up being a lot closer than I’d expected; only a 21-vote difference between Haqua and Ayumi. I know Ayumi is pretty popular among the manga readers but I didn’t think there’d be enough of them for her to get so close… unless MadoMagi wanted an even easier opponent next round. Anyway, Haqua’s vote count was pretty disappointing. She didn’t even get half the number that Sayaka did, even though it was supposed to be an easy win for her. Not looking good for the block final.

F3-1: Tomoe Mami vs Miyafuji Yoshika

Mami vs Yoshika was more one-sided than Haqua vs Ayumi… Mami only managed to pass the 400 mark but it’s still more than enough to ensure victory in the block finals. It makes me sad seeing all of the puella magi doing well except for Homura who was out on the first day of the tournament. If only she could’ve switched places with Sayaka or something. ):

F3-2: Yuuko vs Hotogi Shirayuki

A nice match; one of the few entertaining ones in this half of the round. Yuuko got decently close but in the end Shirayuki won as I’d expected. A-Channel had an alright run considering that it was just a 1-cour slice of life show. Hidan no Aria on the other hand is doing way better than I’d like, but I guess they have a better shot at taking on MadoMagi.

G3-1: Index vs Morishima L. Haruka

Easy win for Index as expected. Haruka is cute but Amagami can’t really stand up to the Index faction. Either way it’s not looking so good for her seeing as how she’s up against a puella magi next…

G3-2: Akechi Kokoro vs Sakura Kyouko

Kokoro had 400+ fake votes in this match (250-ish for Kyouko) so it seemed ridiculously close, but in the end Kyouko won by a huge margin. It looks like the MadoMagi faction is just going to dominate the entire tournament; at this point the only ones that might stand a chance against them are Mikoto and Kuroneko.

H3-1: Shinonono Houki vs Kanzaki H. Aria

It looked like Aria was leading for the entire duration of the match, but thanks to fake votes Houki won by 110. Kokoro and Aria had basically the same number of fake votes… maybe MadoMagi thinks that Houki is less of an overall threat than Aria. They’re pretty similar in strength so I’m guessing Oreimo didn’t really care.
Houki has now defeated 3 KugiRie characters, one per round. ._.

H3-2: Touhara Asuha vs Kuroneko

Asuha put up some resistance but Kuroneko had the obvious advantage. Sadly, her numbers weren’t so impressive… 341 votes is nowhere near enough to take on a puella magi. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.




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