Saimoe 2011: Block Final Predictions

18 10 2011

I forgot to put the dates on the images orz. Block finals are from Oct. 18-25; one match per day.
Click for full size; wordpress’ resizing sucks.

Vote: Astarotte Ygvar
Prediction: Misaka Mikoto

Hopefully now that we’re in the block finals there’ll be some upsets (kinda doubting it in this match though). Mikoto has proven herself to be extremely powerful whereas Lotte is just somewhat so. The Index faction especially can’t afford to lose Mikoto, and neither can people hoping to take out the puella magi because Mikoto is arguably their best chance.

Vote: Tachibana Kanade
Prediction: Tachibana Kanade

Tenshi is up against another strike witch; a stronger one this time. Judging from previous performance she should be able to win, but if Strike Witches decides to get their revenge then Erica will be a really tough opponent. After Tenshi’s unexpected exit last year (not that Aoi isn’t great either) I really want to see her make it further, even if it results in losing to a puella magi later.

Vote: Elucia de Lute Ima
Prediction: Kaname Madoka

Elsie isn’t that strong so this should be a really easy win for Madoka. Honestly at this point I won’t be surprised at all if she wins the entire tournament. I like Elsie and Madoka about the same, so going with Elsie for my support because she’s not going to be winning anytime soon. Wrong Kami, Elsie.

Vote: Ika Musume
Prediction: Ika Musume

It’s pretty impressive how Yuno still does so well after so many years (heck, she did better than Shana this year…) but her streak probably ends here. Ika is the strongest non-magi newcomer this year; I’d even say she’s stronger than Kuroneko at this point. Both Ika and Yuno have had weak competition so far, but I’d still say that Ika is a lot stronger (she’ll be the second one to stand up to the MadoMagi faction).

Vote: Haqua du Lot Herminium
Prediction: Miki Sayaka

Sayaka is my least favourite puella magi so it’s kinda orz seeing her do so well when my favourite was knocked out on the first day. I guess it can’t be helped. Anyway, Haqua is one of my favourites this year so I’m definitely supporting her, but I can’t see it going so well. There’s another MadoMagi-Kaminomi match before this, so that might affect the results of this one, but with MadoMagi’s strength where it is, even an all-out assassination attempt won’t be able to do anything.

Vote: Tomoe Mami
Prediction: Tomoe Mami

Supporting Mami here because I hate Shirayuki. Even Aria is preferable, orz. Anyway, Shirayuki’s done well to make it this far but she’s not going to make it past Mami, who may be the strongest puella magi remaining. As much as I want to see some variety in the quarterfinals, I don’t want to see Shirayuki there.

Vote: Sakura Kyouko
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko

Not a huge Index fan and Kyouko is pretty cool so MadoMagi gets my support once again. I was hoping it’d be Kirino in this match, but oh well… saimoe is boring this year after all.
Personally I don’t think Index is anywhere near as strong as Mikoto, so Kyouko should win without difficulty.

Vote: Kuroneko
Prediction: Kuroneko

Definitely supporting Kuroneko. She’s my favourite character remaining and she actually stands a chance. Houki has pulled a few surprises and it looks like IS hasn’t given up yet, so it’ll be a tough match for Kuroneko. MadoMagi might also try to get rid of her, which doesn’t help. My unrealistic hope is that Kuroneko surprises us all and wins the tournament. w

Wait crap, if I use all of the good fanart now then it’ll be harder to find better ones for the next rounds. orz




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