Saimoe 2011: Quarterfinal Results

1 11 2011

Oh saimoe…

Vote: Astarotte Ygvar
Prediction: Astarotte Ygvar

The first match of the quarterfinals and vote totals still suck. Somehow, Erica managed an easy win against Lotte, who definitely had the advantage due to a) Kugimiya Rie, b) her show aired more recently, and c) she was the main character of her show. I’m guessing that she was also targeted by the MadoMagi faction, because even if both of them are pretty weak (compared to MadoMagi, at least), Erica is an easier opponent. But yeah, those vote counts were really disappointing, even for a low-scale match like this. Anyway, Erica has somehow made it to the top 4, despite how she was supposed to be knocked out a few rounds ago… well, her winning streak will end in the next round anyway.

Vote: Kuroneko
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko

Kuroneko’s chances were looking REALLY good for the majority of the match, but a combination of fake votes + last hour Kyouko rush meant a loss for her. On the other hand, the vote totals are finally looking decent – Kuroneko put up a good fight, managing 568 votes (enough to have been considered absolutely amazing a few rounds ago), but the MadoMagi faction has upped their record to 657. But it’s still kind of depressing seeing as how this is what Round 1 matches were like a few years ago. I was reaaaally hoping that Kuroneko would make it to the finals (it would redeem the entire tournament if she won), but my prediction was right and Kyouko has taken her spot instead. ):
Puella Magi takeover incoming…

Vote: Kaname Madoka
Prediction: Kaname Madoka

Madoka wins as expected, but she just barely makes it even though it should be an easy win for her against Sayaka. I guess there were people wanting a Kyouko vs Sayaka final. Anyway, I like Madoka quite a bit more than Sayaka, so I’m satisfied with this. On the other hand, her narrow margin of victory means that she’ll potentially have an even tougher time in her semifinal match. Sigh, if only Kuroneko hadn’t lost. Casting MadoMagi dominance aside, a Kuroneko vs Madoka final would’ve been really nice, and understandable from even before the tournament started. Well, it’s not like my complaining is going to change anything so whatever. Next year is at least bound to be far more interesting.

Vote: Ika Musume
Prediction: Tomoe Mami

Just like Kuroneko, Ika also rallied a ton of support because she’s the only non-puella magi on her side of the bracket, and was the only one that could stand a chance against them aside from Kuroneko (Erica is obviously too weak). She managed to also pass the 600-vote mark, but the MadoMagi faction stepped it up yet another notch to 712, the highest vote number in the entire tournament so far. I doubt the anti-MadoMagi factions have much hope in Erica, so it looks like it’ll be a MadoMagi final after all, even though Kyouko vs Madoka/Mami doesn’t really have much impact to it, seeing as how they didn’t interact much in the actual show. Madoka vs Mami in the semifinals should be an interesting fight.




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