Saimoe 2011: Semifinal Predictions

2 11 2011











Pink overdose.

Vote: Erica Hartmann
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko

Erica and Kyouko are about equal for me, so I’m supporting Erica since she stands no chance at all. MadoMagi has only been increasing their numbers, though it’s not like they’ll need them against Erica. Expecting fairly low vote totals for this match because Erica just isn’t strong enough to face a puella magi. With Kuroneko and Ika’s losses, I think everyone has accepted that it’ll be a MadoMagi final after all. Erica is the last chance to change that, but I really can’t see it happening…
This match is such a joke.

Vote: Kaname Madoka
Prediction: Kaname Madoka

The second magi-magi match so far. Numbers-wise, Mami seems to have a huge advantage – she nearly doubled Madoka’s votes in the previous round alone. However, I think Madoka will win this one. Madoka appeals to a more general audience, whereas Mami only appeared for a few episodes and a lot of her popularity is from just one scene. Madoka is also more of a generic moe type, and it’d be fitting for the 10th annual saimoe tournament to end with the titular character of a hugely popular mahou shoujo series coming out on top – just like how the very first saimoe tournament ended. If Nanoha’s victory had been a year later, it’d be a nice 1-5-10 thing, but oh well. Anyway I’m hoping Madoka wins this because she deserves the crown more than Mami does.




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