Saimoe 2011: Semifinal & Final Match Results

6 11 2011

Combining 3 posts into one because of being too “busy” to post properly…
Saimoe 2011 is now over; final match charts can be found here and here.

MadoMagi domination basically ruined the tournament, but we’ve got an amazing line-up for next year that can’t possibly go wrong (…or so I claim). The Kugyuu core army returns (Shana, Louise, Nagi, Taiga) as well as other remarkably strong factions (HnG, Higurashi, F/SN, SoraOto, Milky Holmes, K-ON!, Ika, and of course Hidasketch) and some new ones with good potential (iM@S, Haganai, RKB, Yuruyuri, etc).

Anyway, on with the results. There isn’t much commentary since these last few matches weren’t particularly exciting.

Vote: Erica Hartmann
Prediction: Sakura Kyouko

Kyouko destroyed Erica as expected. Erica may have been the last remaining hope for the anti-MadoMagi faction, but she’s still nowhere near strong enough. Easy win for Kyouko; puella magi final confirmed. Honestly I’m not very excited over having Kyouko as a finalist. She’s pretty cool and has her moe traits, but she just doesn’t seem like finalist material to me.

Vote: Kaname Madoka
Prediction: Kaname Madoka

Lolwhat Mami. Completely defied predictions… for some reason people sided with her instead of the titular character that was supposed to join Sakura and Nanoha as a champion. It was a really close match though, and close matches are always good for increasing excitement value. I guess Mami fits the finalist role better than Kyouko, but it’s still not by much since she only appeared in a few episodes. She also lacks the mandatory DFC. <<;

Vote: Tomoe Mami
Prediction: Tomoe Mami

Mami wins as expected, doing what Nodoka couldn’t do in the last two years (oppai champion). It was also a decently close match, but same-series matches really lack entertainment when the two characters involved have almost nothing to do with each other. Homura vs Madoka? Very exciting. Kyouko vs Sayaka? Somewhat exciting. Kyouko vs Mami…? Not so much. Anyway, MadoMagi has proved its impact by utterly dominating the tournament, with the one exception of Homura who sadly lost on the first day when they let down their guard (some more votes and she would’ve won despite Mikoto’s cheat votes). All in all there were a few interesting matches, but it definitely lacked the appeal that the previous tournaments had. I’ll probably continue to cover saimoe in the years to come regardless; it’s going to be pretty hard for Japan to screw up Saimoe 2012 considering the line-up so far.




One response

8 11 2011

Yeah I wasn’t entertained aobut GODoka’s domination of the quarter-to-grand finals.

First oppai win in saimoe history? Blasphemy! (lol)

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