Comiket 81

1 01 2012

Nope, not dead yet. I’m at home for the holidays, so my screen space is limited to my 13.3″ laptop, making it hard to transcribe lyrics. The fact that I’ve been playing Fate/Extra all day doesn’t help. I’ll start tackling C81 when I move back for university; hopefully I can get most of it done next week.

Stuff I will be doing for sure:
ALiCE’S EMOTiON – Ghost Region
Alstroemeria Records – KILLED DANCEHALL
Amateras Records – Helius Aggregation
Arte Refact – 幻想遊園郷 -Fantastic Park-
C-CLAYS – 舞音 ~native place~
C-CLAYS – Alba -アルバ-
Conagusuri – Thalia Aggregation
EastNewSound – Dione Aggregation
EastNewSound – Uncanny Instinct
FLAMING JUNE – 終わりの惑星のLove Song – 終わりの世界から / Killer Song
Halozy – Tonic Triangle
Pizuya’s Cell – Merciless Lazuli Rose
RAMM – Freedom
Sally – サドマゾヒズム
SOUND HOLIC – Flower Buster
Sound Online – A Couple of Time
SYNC.ART’S – regenerate
SYNC.ART’S – Spilling Star
Syrufit – Avidya
Syrufit + Pizuya’s Cell – 君の歌と僕の小さな恋

As well as any requests. I might do K2/Silver Forest/Shibayan as well.




2 responses

1 01 2012

Can I request Syrufit’s Avidya album?

1 01 2012

Wow, I forgot to add that one to the list somehow… I love Syrufit, so I’ll definitely do that album too. Thanks for reminding me!

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