“awesmoe” = awesome + moe
The header image is fanart of Fujiwara no Mokou (Touhou) by にもし.

Previous header characters:
– Reisen Udongein Inaba
– Houraisan Kaguya

Saimoe is my passion. There is no greater despair than Shana losing to moeblobs, and no greater sense of victory than seeing Hiiragi Tsukasa lose.

16/09/10 – Re-reading this page I realized that almost everything here was no longer true, lol. So most parts have been cleared out and will be rewritten sometime within the next year.

Shini @ MAL:
You can leave comments if you want, and I’ll actually reply.

Shini @ last.fm:
…I guess you could leave comments here too, but it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t get a response.


15 responses

15 01 2010

I really like your blog! is awesmoe XDD!

16 01 2010

Thanks! :D

18 04 2010

was hunting for natsumi kiyoura lyrics — thanks for posting them up! really useful for learning the words :)

19 06 2010
Ross Besnier

was hunting for natsumi kiyoura lyrics — thanks for posting them up! really useful for learning the words :)

9 08 2010

This site is awesome :D Really appreciate all the lyrics and the intro to new songs ^^ Keep up the good work!

21 08 2010

Thanks for the encouragement – I appreciate it! :D

20 10 2010

Never thought I’d find a friend of Blah’s when I search for ClariS. Small world, isn’t it?

6 02 2011

you do excellent lyrics work.

27 11 2013


20 04 2011

Interesting…I would like to talk with you some more…may I?

26 02 2012

Dear god i cant tell te times i’ve entered this blog to search for Töhö Lyrics, i dont know where or how to thank you but Thanks a lot!!
Keep this site up its Great!

26 02 2012

Thanks for the feedback! I love putting up touhou lyrics but it’s very time consuming compared to anime music, lol.

26 02 2012

Ohhh but its so worth it!!!
Trust me your effort does not go unnoticed!! haahha

22 12 2012

Finally i found some of the lyrics i really like..thanks for the effort, really appreciate it…

13 05 2013

thanks A lot for this incredible blog, it’s a lucky day for anyone finding this awesome blog :)))

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