[LYRICS] G-Senjou no Maou Character CD – Usami Haru

29 03 2012

Track List
01. 涙の雨 (Namida no Ame)
02. ハピネス (Happiness)
03. DJハルの一人DEトーク (DJ Haru no Hitori DE Talk)
04. 涙の雨 (カラオケ Ver.) (Karaoke Ver.)
05. ハピネス (カラオケ Ver.) (Karaoke Ver.)

As requested.
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[LYRICS] Sucre Complete Soundtrack ~Secret tea party~

7 11 2011

Track List
01. thyme
02. Eternity
03. thyme (カラオケ) (thyme (Karaoke))
04. Eternity (カラオケ) (Eternity (Karaoke))

^ track list for Disc 2 (OP/ED). Disc 1 is the actual soundtrack.
I haven’t tried out Sucre myself, but the response seems to have been kinda meh so I probably won’t. Ended up doing these songs anyway because >KOTOKO and >Katakiri Rekka.

Engrish typos in Eternity left intact (the worst offender is “weekness”) because if I fix those then I’d have to change “favorite” to “favourite” as well. w
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[LYRICS] Aiyoku no Eustia OP Single – Asphodelus

23 09 2011

Track List
1. Asphodelus
2. Tears of Hope
3. Asphodelus Off Vocal
4. Tears of Hope Off Vocal
5. Asphodelus DeepForest
6. Asphodelus Distorted

As requested. Both songs are pretty nice.
I’ve heard good things about Aiyoku no Eustia but I don’t really have the time to start another VN, especially when there’s no english translation.
Speaking of VNs, I’ve been making my way through Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (admittedly at a slow pace though). It’s pretty good. From character design I thought Natsumi would be my favourite character but it ended up being Touka. w
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[LYRICS] Aiyoku no Eustia ED Single – Shin’ai Naru Sekai he

23 09 2011

Track List
1. 親愛なる世界へ (Shin’ai Naru Sekai he)
2. Close My Eyes
3. 親愛なる世界へ Off Vocal
4. Close My Eyes Off Vocal
5. 親愛なる世界へ Shifted
6. 親愛なる世界へ DayBreak

Accompanying the OP single lyrics.
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