[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! Character Song Single – Watashi dake wo Mite (Amahara Kiyono)

19 03 2010

Track List
1. 私だけを見て (Watashi dake wo Mite)
2. Shy Girls -Amahara Kiyono ver.-)
3. 女の子の本音-天原清乃編- (Onna no Ko no Honne -Amahara Kiyono-hen-)
4. 私だけを見て -off vocal ver.-

As expected from Hikasa Yoko, these songs sound just like Mio. Not that I’m complaining~
Finally done these character songs, now to make my way through the rest of my queue… think I’ll do Kobato. OST next, because Kobato’s song is pretty~
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[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! Character Song Single – Hane wo Hirogete (Shiraishi Haruka)

19 03 2010

Track List
1. 羽をひろげて (Hane wo Hirogete)
2. Shy Girls -Shiraishi Haruka ver.-
3. 女の子の本音-白石遥編- (Onna no Ko no Honne -Shiraishi Haruka-hen-)
4. 羽をひろげて -off vocal ver.-

When I think of Yahagi Sayuri, first thing that comes to mind is Izumi from HnG, lol. Now that I think about it though, she’s also Rima from Shugo Chara, Haruna from TLR, etc… I’d like to say that she has a good range, but it’s really just either annoying-cute or mature-cute, one or the other.
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[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! Character Song Single – Girl Mode Japan (Jinguuji Yako)

19 03 2010

Track List
1. Girl Mode Japan
2. Shy Girls -Jinguuji Yako ver.-
3. 女の子の本音-神宮寺弥子編- (Onna no Ko no Honne -Jinguuji Yako-hen-)
4. Girl Mode Japan -off vocal ver.-

I just realized that all of the character song albums have the character’s version of Shy Girls. Personally I think it would make more sense to combine them all into one big character song album, if this is all that each CD will contain… in the end it’s a money thing, I guess. Doesn’t really seem worth it if there’s just one new song, a very short drama, and a previous song with the other characters’ vocals filtered out.

Anyway, Kotobuki Minako is a fairly new seiyuu, most famously known as Tsumugi from K-ON!… who happens to be a very different character from Yako. Listening to the voice though, it’s believable that they have the same CV.
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[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! Character Song Single – We can do it! (Hayama Nayu)

18 03 2010

Track List
1. We can do it!
2. Shy Girls -Hayama Nayu ver-
3. 女の子の本音-葉山奈由編- (Onna no Ko no Honne -Hayama Nayu-hen-)
4. We can do it! -off vocal ver.-

Four character song singles released on the same day… well, I don’t have to do lyrics again for Shy Girls, and the third track is a drama, so it’s not so bad. (track 2 cleverly redirected to the Shy Girls post)
Chu-Bra!! is actually pretty good music-wise. You’d think the songs were just your usual moe themes, but they’re actually really cute. It probably helps that the seiyuu cast is great. Minorin’s got a good singing range – compare cutesy stuff like this to say, Paradise Lost from Ga-Rei -Zero-.

Yako, Haruka, and Kiyono will have to wait until tomorrow. -w-

Also, this time I’ve actually bothered to make the song page jumps clickable from the main page too, since I’ve noticed that some people are clicking them from there only to reach a dead link. I’ll incorporate this from now on… editing of previous posts will be done eventually. Maybe.
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[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! ED Single – Shy Girls

17 02 2010

Track List
1. Shy Girls
2. We Know
3. Shy Girls -off vocal ver.-
4. We Know -off vocal ver.-

Double release! Most of the stuff I could say is already in the Choose Bright!! post, lol.
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[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! OP Single – Choose Bright!!

17 02 2010

Track List
1. Choose Bright!!
2. Dear lovely days
3. Choose Bright!! -off vocal ver.-
4. Dear lovely days -off vocal ver.-

Double release! Chu-Bra!! is the surprise show of the season. I mean, no one expected it to be good, right? But it’s actually pretty entertaining, heartwarming, and just plain cute. Pantyshots and the like are unavoidable, but they’re not the main focus at all, and there actually isn’t that much fanservice. In fact, Chu-Bra!! could easily be classifed as educational.

Anyway, about the actual songs: they’re typical moe songs sung by the seiyuu, but a lot cuter than a lot of the other stuff this season that tries to do the same thing (-cough- omamori himari, redi x bato -cough-). There’s a good cast too – Chihara Minori, Yahagi Sayuri, and Hikasa Yoko + Kotobuki Minako of K-ON! fame. Choose Bright!! is really fast-paced and it was hard for me to keep up orz. Dear lovely days is one of those times that you get a really nice B-side track as well.
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Winter ’10 stuff part 1

24 01 2010

So I wanted to post more lyrics but then I didn’t want to waste post #100, so… yeah. I gave up on episode blogging after one episode of one series. Decided it was easier to just cram everything together~

So, in no particular alphabetical order, the stuff I’ve started so far:
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