14 04 2012

Track List
01. サヨナラは言わない (Sayonara ha Iwanai)
02. irony
03. 恋磁石 (Koi Jishaku)
04. メモリー (Memory)
05. nexus
06. flowery
07. コネクト (Connect)
08. プロミス (Promise)
09. graduation
10. treasure
11. ナイショの話 (Naisho no Hanashi)
12. zutto

ClariS’ first album, as requested.
All of the songs are pretty great – from the new ones, Sayonara ha Iwanai stood out the most to me. Lyrics for irony, Connect, and nexus already have translations on this site so I copied those over.
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[LYRICS] Nisemonogatari ED Single – Naisho no Hanashi

1 02 2012

Track List
01. ナイショの話 (Naisho no Hanashi)
02. I’m in love
03. 本当は (Hontou ha)
04. ナイショの話 -Instrumental-

Nisemonogatari! Karen! ryo! ClariS!
Track #2’s title sums up my feelings pretty well, although ryo only composed the first track and I like the other two a lot more…
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[LYRICS] ClariS – nexus

15 09 2011

Track List
1. nexus
2. Don’t cry
3. アナタニFIT (Anata ni FIT – A Perfect Match for You)
4. nexus -instrumental-

nexus is the theme song for the Oreimo novels, Don’t cry is the theme song for issue 0.5 of Aoharu, and Anata ni FIT is the theme song for the Nendoroid figure series.
Like with irony, kz did the composition and lyrics for nexus! Yay.

All tracks translated courtesy of Blah. Apparently this was harder than irony/Connect.
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[LYRICS] Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica OP Single – Connect

5 02 2011

Track List
1. コネクト (Connect)
2. Dreamin’
3. キミとふたり (Kimi to Futari – The Two of Us)
4. コネクト -TV MIX-

Oreimo ED 3-4 next! And then the Chata Works Best albums, as requested, followed by more :touhou: etc.

Feb 5/11 – Translations for all three tracks added, again by blah1234.
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[LYRICS] Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai OP Single – irony

17 10 2010

Track List
1. irony
2. ココロの引力 (Kokoro no Inryoku – Attraction of the Heart)
3. Neo Moon
4. irony -TV Mix-

Kirino and Kuroneko are moeeeeee.
I’d complain more about the light novel’s ridiculously slow translating speed, but now there’s the anime to keep me entertained, so yeah. ._.

Oct 18/10 – Translations added for all three tracks, courtesy of my friend blah1234, who apparently didn’t really like the 3rd track but ended up doing it anyway for the sake of completion. Basically my attitude towards 90% of posts on this blog, lol. -w-
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