Saimoe 2011: Block H Results (Round 1)

20 09 2011













Somewhat late because apparently schoolwork is supposed to be a higher priority than saimoe. Who knew.
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Saimoe 2011: Block H Predictions (Round 1)

16 09 2011











Round 1 is finally coming to a close.
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[LYRICS] Durarara!! ED2 Single – Butterfly

12 06 2010

Track List
1. Butterfly
3. Butterfly (TV Size Ver.)
4. Butterfly (Instrumental)

New ED is great, but just not as good as Trust Me. ):
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[LYRICS] Durarara!! OP2 Single – Complication

8 06 2010

Track List
01. コンプリケイション (Complication)
02. Fortune
04. コンプリケイション TV SIZE OPENING VER.
05. コンプリケイション TV SIZE LONG VER.
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[LYRICS] Durarara!! ED Single – Trust Me

24 03 2010

Track List
01. Trust Me
02. Trust Me -TV size-
03. Trust Me -Remix-
04. Trust Me -Instrumental-

I love this song, it’s so sweet ;w;
Going to miss this and Uragiri no Yuuyake when they change the OP/ED themes. Hopefully the next ones will be just as awesome, because Durarara!! must have good music!!!

Added the english verses that weren’t in the lyrics… should be right, because last I checked, I know how to speak english (. .;)
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[LYRICS] Durarara!! OP Single – Uragiri no Yuuyake

24 03 2010

Track List
1. 裏切りの夕焼け (Uragiri no Yuuyake)
2. 未来を今 (Mirai wo Ima)
3. 裏切りの夕焼け -TV Size Opening Ver.-
4. 裏切りの夕焼け -TV Size Long Ver.-
5. 裏切りの夕焼け -Karaoke Mix-

Durarara!! is a pretty awesome show, and Uragiri no Yuuyake suits it perfectly. Also love how they used the same OP animation style as Baccano!
I’ll have to go hunt down the lyrics for Trust Me, because supposedly the lyrics scan is unscannable. o.o; Well, at least there isn’t a B-side to look for as well.
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Winter ’10 lineup!

28 12 2009


BakaTest – I heard the light novel is nice. Main character looks like Louise, but you knew that already. The whole A class/F class thing reminds me of Special A. This looks like it’ll be a fun short ~13 ep series.

Dance in the Vampire Bund – SHAFT is more than enough reason to watch this. I actually haven’t seen many vampire anime (aside from Eva from Negima, only VK which was mediocre at best), so I’ll take this opportunity to add some variety to my list. Mina seems pretty awesome. She’s also voiced by Murasaki’s VA, leading me to think that if only Akira were to be voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki… sadly that is not so.

Durarara!! – Style looks great. Apparently it’s going to be similar to Baccano!, but I haven’t seen that yet. However, the director is also the same as for Natsume Yuujinchou, so surely nothing can go wrong here. \o/

Fate/stay night TV reproduction – If I don’t watch this I doubt I’ll remember anything from the original series, which was rather forgettable. I’m not much of a Saber fan at all, so what I’m really looking foward to is…

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – HELL YES RIN AND ARCHER!

Hidamari Sketch x☆☆☆ – More moe overload is very welcome. Looking forward to seeing what the new girls are like, but of course, as long as Miyako is there, the show will succeed. And of course, SHAFT.

Katanagatari – I’m not going to make a Bakemonogatari joke here. Oh wait, I kinda just did. Moving along… apparently this is going to air in 1hr long episodes, once a month. Anyway, NisiOisiN, show is destined to be epic, etc etc.

Nodame Cantabile Finale – Watched the first two seasons, so why not. I’m hoping for some real development between Chiaki and Nodame; hopefully it ends nicely.

Omamori Himari – To be honest, I don’t care much about the actual story at all. I didn’t even read the summary. Why is this show in the ‘definitely’ section? Suigintou.

Ookami Kakushi – Why hello there, Higurashi S3. Mana is a loli imouto voiced by Fujita Saki. Do want.

QUIZ Magic Academy 2 – Only because I watched the first one. :/

So・Ra・No・Wo・To – Looks like K-ON! + Strike Witches. Actually, this post practically sums it up perfectly.


Chu-Bra!! – Lol, we’ll see.
Hanamaru Yochien – It does look kinda cute…
Ladies vs Butlers! – Not getting many vibes from this one, but apparently it’s actually pretty popular.
Seikon no Qwaser – I’ll give it a chance to not turn into Queen’s Blade.