[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Dione Aggregation

8 01 2012

Track List
01. Steady night
02. Long time ago
03. 星霜輪廻~Repeat~ (Seisou Rinne ~Repeat~)
04. [人]人~ひと~ (Hito)
05. 桜∞friendship (きりん Shining Summer Remix)
  (Sakura ∞ friendship (Kirin Shining Summer Remix))

06. effulgence
07. Star Light
08. I:solation
09. Everlasting
10. 時の檻 (Toki no Ori)
11. Starry heavens
12. Loop Vision

A Ten Desires arrange album… aside from the first track. Not sure why they threw Septette in there, but oh well.
ENS’ previous album was really disappointing, but this one is great. Maybe it’s because of the collaboration with Amateras/Conagusuri? Either way, I’m not complaining.
My favourite track is Seisou Rinne ~Repeat~, but really, most of them are good. Ritsuka is back, but still no sign of nayuta.

My faith in ENS has been restored.
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[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Solitude Blossom

18 08 2011

Track List
01. Replay
02. 霧中の境界 (Muchuu no Kyoukai)
03. 桜影彩艶 (Ouei Saien)
04. 花弁~雫~ (Hanabira ~Shizuku~)
05. 少女が見た過去の記憶 (Shoujo ga Mita Kako no Kioku)
06. ひとしずく (Hitoshizuku)
07. Crescent Night
08. 愛情パンデミック (Aijou Pandemic)
09. Emotional Logic
10. Intense desire
11. infinite universe
12. ヒカリマツリ (Hikari Matsuri)

ENS’ C80 album. No nayuta, no Ritsuka… ;_; At least there’s still Chata (best track), Cryu, and Vivian (though it’s not as good as Miniature Garden…). Hazuki Yura’s vocals are much better than they were on Split Theory, at least.
Also, they just had to throw in a rap… on the second track even… why, ENS, why.

Normally the first time I listen to a new ENS album, I’m extremely disappointed, but as I listen to the songs over and over again I start to really like them. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will work for like 70% of this album…
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[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Definite Energy

1 04 2011

Track List
01. Non stop dream
02. Step-by-Step
03. sound of carnation
04. relate
05. East!
06. Fantastic Sequence
07. Miniature Garden ~変わらぬ想い~ (Miniature Garden ~Kawaranu Omoi~)
08. Run up shooting star
09. Blood clot
10. コモレビ・デイドリーム (Komorebi Daydream)

I didn’t have high expectations for this album, because of the lack of nayuta and a shiny cover image. But it’s pretty good! sound of carnation and Miniature Garden are my favourites.
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[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Split Theory

17 01 2011

Track List
01. Ash and Snow
02. 視えない旅路 ~a final state~ (Mienai Tabiji ~a final state~)
03. 無炎舞踊≠循環 (Muen Buyou ≠ Junkan)
04. ENG Dream
05. 海神の城 (Kaijin no Shiro)
06. PiPiPiPARU
07. Another Distance
08. LINK ~Sick sound~
09. Sadistic Paranoia
10. Subterranean Emotion
11. 無限回航 (Mugen Kaikou)
12. 果てしない夢 (Hateshinai Yume)
13. structure

ENS’ C79 album. I don’t think it’s as good as their previous stuff, but there’s some good songs here. I’ll probably get more into it after listening to the album a few more times. For track 4, ENG = energy. Favourites are 無炎舞踊≠循環 (this song is epic), 無限回航, and structure. nayuta & リツカ \o/
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[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Lucent Wish

14 12 2010

Track List
01. Black Lotus
02. miss illusion
03. 風導星歌、黎明ノ景 (Fuudou Seika, Reimei no Kei)
04. 紅 6.0 Records (ver 0.1) (Aka 6.0 Records (ver 0.1))
05. steel wear
06. undefined songs
07. Black Butterfly
08. Missing Sorrow
09. Proof of River
10. Lucent Wish
11. 片月下円舞曲 (Katagekka Enbukyoku)
12. One Day’s Memory

ENS’ C76 album. With this, all of ENS’ lyrics are done, yay~ (though I should probably revise Sacred Factor)
I’ll probably be generic and do ALR next. -w-
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[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Scattered Destiny

6 12 2010

Track List
1. Blazing Silver
2. 人形よ問うコトなかれ (Ningyou yo Tou Koto Nakare)
3. Noisy Noisemaker
4. 悖徳数列組曲(x≒y) (Haitoku Suuretsu Kumikyoku (x≒y))
5. 彩祭雷禮 (Saisai Rairai)
6. Soaring princess
7. Future Megalopolis Kyoto
8. Judgment
9. 幻奏幻花、届かずの音色 (Gensou Genka, Todokazu no Neiro)
10. 死奏隣音、玲瓏ノ終 (Shisou Rinne, Reirou no Tsui)
11. Violent wind
12. 蒼影~Ancient Unicorn~ (Souei ~Ancient Unicorn~)

ENS’ second full album, released at Reitaisai 6. Favourite track is Shisou Rinne, Reirou no Tsui (zomg so epic). Ningyou yo Tou Koto Nakare is also great (Ritsuka <3).
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[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Lyrical Crimson

5 12 2010

Track List
02. the 4seasons 4u
03. 君色マスタースパーク (Kimiiro Master Spark)
04. Ten made to do key!
05. 奏で穿て、東雲の彼方へ (Kanade Ugate, Shinonome no Kanata he)
06. ザクロは血の味 恋の味 (Zakuro ha Chi no Aji Koi no Aji)
07. 幻想郷祭囃子(秋) (Gensoukyou Matsuribayashi (Aki))
08. Together in the sky
09. Girl’s mind
11. 緋色月下、狂咲の絶 (Hiiro Gekka, Hyousai no Zetsu)
12. 咲き届け、春へ至る音 (Sakitodoke, Haru he Itaru Oto)

ENS’ first full album, Lyrical Crimson, released at C75. Personal favourites are Kanade Ugate, Shinonome no Kanate he and the original version of Hiiro Gekka, Hyousai no Zetsu. nayuta is <3
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